Google’s War On The Truth and The Birth of The Fourth Reich

‘Google is desperately trying to control everything you see, think, hear and feel. Google has become the most evil corporation on the face of the earth. Remember, where they burn books, they will soon burn people. How far is Google willing to go with their censorship practices? Is the the beginning of the 4th Reich?

Merry Christmas to the Indepenent Media as Google has announced that they are in the process of purging the industry from their search engines before Christmas.


Is this just some idle threat that is only symobolic? Hardly, everyone from Steve Quayle to Infowars to The Common Sense Show and WorldTruth.Tv will no longer be appearing in your favorite search engine before you open your presents this Christmas. Google controls almost 80% of Internet search engine traffic. Google’s search engines constitute the existence of an unregulated monopoly. Under our existing anti-trust laws, it is illegal for Google to censor Internet traffic based upon its own judgment. But don’t tell that to America’s new Nazi Minister of Truth, Eric Schmidt, the present executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Field Marshall Schmidt announced that Google is now implementing the most complete form of censorship in the history of the planet with a new set of AI algorithms which will seek and destroy (ie de-rank) various websites that go against popular mainstream opinion.’

Under the Guise of the Russian Delusion 

Field Marshall Schmidt openly admits that the Russians are the primary target of Google”s wrath. More specifically,  RT and Sputnik are prominently listed in all Google’s press releases to this point. Both websites will not be found on Google’s search engines, thus greatly reducing the traffic that visits the two sites. However, this is not about the Russians, this is about denying the average American access to the truth regarding the insidious takeover of America. If you recall, during the 2016 general election, The Common Sense Show, along with 200 of our Independent Media websites, were listed by the Washington Post as being subversive Russian agents that were somehow guilty of supporting Putin and the Russians against America. In reality thee websites were actively trying to prevent a coup from completely taking over our government. The significance of 200 Independent Media sites listed as being Russian agents seemed mostly just a case of name-calling. However, with Field Marshall Schmidt’s new censorship edict, the purpose behind this labeling have become painfully apparent.


Censorship Plans Announced at the Halifax International Security Forum reported in their corporate “Q and A” session at the Halifax International Security Forum, which was recently held in Canada, Field Marshall Schmidt boldly declared Google’s intention to completely control the Internet and to purge any conservative opinion that is not in line with Google’s social, political and economic goals.

At the forum, Field Marshal Schmidt was asked if the internet giant had a role in preventing the “manipulation of information (ie telling the truth about the forces trying to destroy the United States).” The Field Marshall went on to say that Google is  “…working on detecting and de-ranking those kinds of sites—it’s basically RT and Sputnik, and any websites like them.”

Rather than let readers decide what they want to read, Field Marshall Schmidt has set up Google to be the great decider of what the truth is. 

Talking Out of Both Sides of His Nazi Mouth

At the forum, Field Marshall Schmidt amazingly stated that he was “very strongly not in favor of censorship.” What? Google is in the process of delisting websites whose conservative views  that they disagree with and are trying to destroy these sites through a prejudical and arbitrary“ranking” process that is used to demote Internet content not deemed truthful.  If this not censorship,  then there is no such thing.


The Capabilities of Google’s Fourth Reich

Throughout the Internet reports on this censorship forum, Field Marshall Schmidt was caught bragging, time and time again that  Google’s algorithm was capable of detecting “repetitive, exploitative, false, and weaponized information”,  However, what was missing was how Google defined these terms. That is because Google clearly will make that decision and make up the rules of censorship as they go. This latter statement describes the hallmark trait of all dictatorships.


The World Socialist Website Is Taking On Google

 The Common Sense Show has experienced an increase in direct traffic coming to the site. However, since April, at a time which corresponded with Google’s Youtube’s extreme  censorship, the CSS witnessed a 80% drop of Google traffic to the site. Therefore, one must conclude that Field Marshall Schmidt’s announced intentions to censor conservative websites has come months after the implementation of this extreme, totalitarian censorship.

The World Socialist Web Site has been waging a war against Google censorship. Is The Common Sense Show aligning with a bunch of socialists, some may ask in amazement? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, at least for the time being. Google is the enemy of every American and every person who desires to know the truth. As the reader will come to read in the latter paragraphs, our very lives depend on the free flow of information that comes from the Internet as there is a coup underway against humanity to control all energy usage and to eventually exterminate 90% of the human population. Read the quotes from Ted Turner to Prince Phillip. They hate humanity.

in a campaign to expose Google’s efforts to censor anti-war sites. The socialists have launched a petition to demand and end to Field Marhall Schmidt’s censorship. for the time being, this is an endeavor worthy of embracing and all people who desire to have access to the truth need to sign this petittion and also make it known to their elected representatives that the 2018 election depends on controlling and breaking up the Google monopoly.  Google is being sued in a number of venues and even Peter Thiel has given millions to various groups who are opposing Google’s monopolistic censorship policies (eg Missouri’s State Attorney General).


What’s Really At Stake Goes Much Deeper Than Political Censorship

The 2016 general election was to be a coronation for the total Deep State takeover of the United States government. From everything I know about Hillary Clinton, it is my censored opinion that an America governed by Hillary would have been an America that would have never recovered from her totalitarian regime. Eric Schmidt would have been elevated go the modern day version of Goebels. However, he is proving that he did not need Hillary to achieve this position. Under Hillary Clinton, America would have plunged to the depths of despair and we would have witnessed the following:

  1. Unparalleled poverty as the rate of capital flight and jobs, from the United States, would have greatly increased Wall Street profits.
  2. The total loss of the Bill of Rights as Hillary would have transformed America into a communitarian brand of government in which rights are granted with the approval of the ruling class.
  3. World War III would have ensued as a result of Hillary’s campaign promise to enforce a no fly zone against the Russians in Syria.
  4. Continued and escalating false flag attacks would have increased on an unprecedented scale as a prelude and excuse to bring in the United Nations Peacekeepers who would have conveniently enacted gun confiscation. At this point, America would have become an occupied nation. This plan is very much alive as the Deep State contrived false flag attacks are increasing and the goal remains the same. However, Trump must be removed from office by any means possible to carry out this backdoor approach to the takeover of America.
  5. As Hilllary solidifed her total control over America, dissidents would have been sent to FEMA camps and her brand of justice would have been carried out in a manner described by Bill Ayers, the communist subversive who launched Obama’s political career.
  6. Hillary would have played the role of the closer and the America that we once knew would have been no more.


The election of Hillary was to be a coronation of the New World Order. But something happened on the way to the party, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the most improbable upset in American political history. Make no mistake about it, this upset occurred mainly due to the efforts of the Independent Media. And now organizations such as Twitter, Facebook and Google are exacting their vengeance and trying to control the demise of America through the backdoor.

When Donald Trump was elected, our fight had only just begun and this notion was lost on most Americans who have gone back to sleep.

What is a freedom-loving American to do in the face of such overwhelming odds? One thing we can do is to engage our neighbors in this fight before we totally lose our ability to communicate with one another thanks to the efforts by Field Marshall Schmidt. Also, we need to encourage the people to not use Google as a search engine. One alternative would be Mike Adams search engine, Good Gopher.

Americans need to realize that the war on the truth always preceeds the war on the people. Censorship is always a prelude to gun confiscation and ultimately genocide. We better act as if we are being set up to be next year’s Thanksgiving turkey as America’s resistance to this totalitarian order is being carved up as I write these words.

We do not have long….