Google Maps Picks Up Some Pretty Strange Things, But What The Heck Are These?

There are tons of weird things on Google Maps. Trust us. We’ve seen a lot of them. Most of them are made by humans for various unspecified, possibly nefarious purposes. However, some, like the ones seen here, look potentially naturally occurring, but totally weird.

Called “anomalies,” these features of lines, circles, and things that almost look like cities pop up all over the world. Some are underwater, and would be invisible to most people. Others are on land, but the perspective from the air makes them take on a strange new appearance. A site called Google Anomalies has been collecting these images for years, and they do look a bit spooky.

1. Circular features in a field in Florida.


2. If you look closely, you can see what appears to be a faint grid on the ocean floor off the west coast of Africa.


Google spoke up about this, saying the lines were a digital artifact, a result of satellite mapping errors, but some people still contend it’s the remains of a sunken, Atlantis-like city.

3. These circular fields can be seen in South Carolina near Briarcliffe Acres.


They look to be artificially made, but could also be the remains of sinkholes or erosion. No one can say, but they certainly spice up the landscape.

4. Lines like this one off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula can be found all over the world, usually in the ocean.


Like the “city” off Morocco, these could be the result of digital blips, or they could be paths and channels created by currents or animals.

5. More linear shapes in southern Cuba.


The lines occasionally take sharp angles that seem almost gridlike.

6. Linear shapes in the U.K.


These sometimes form what almost appear to be symbols, and are usually differently colored. They could also be the unwitting result of human activity, not noticed until a satellite picks it up.

7. The lines connecting these lakes almost look like roads.


These straight lines from an “undisclosed location” connect these ponds, and even run into the ocean.

8. This pattern of lines in the Bahamas looks like a city, too.


The straight lines and rectangular shapes are reminiscent of a city’s layout. Supposedly, there is no modern activity in this area.

9. Another undisclosed location shows what appear to be more buildings.


It’s too bad we don’t know where this is, because these do look quite a bit like submerged buildings.

10. These anomalies actually stick up out of the water.


Again, this location is, perhaps conveniently, undisclosed, but appears to show Mayan-style buildings poking out of the ocean. Of course, since no one will tell us where they are, it’s not easy to take this seriously.

With just a blurry image to go on, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on here, and it’s totally possible that these have a natural explanation — they might even be evidence of really cool animals, plants or geologic activity that we have yet to discover! Or they could be cases of the famous Google Maps glitch. But let’s face it: it’s still fun to imagine sunken cities and alien activity.