‘God’s’ Massive Hands Captured In The Sky In Weird Optical Illusion

A video has been posted online that is said to be ‘baffling’ the internet thanks to a ‘mind-bending’ optical illusion captured on camera. It emerged after a man attempted to capture a terrifying storm that turned the sky above Mackay, a city in Queensland, Australia, black.

Dark storm clouds are seen rolling in while at the same time, bright sunshine illuminates grassy fields and the road ahead of the man filming. But the eery mood of the video is not actually the bit viewers have picked up on.

Some are actually more taken aback by a ‘terrifying’ site that appears to hover over the stretch of road in front of the car. It is, in fact, the reflection of the man recording being picked up on camera.

But that didn’t stop some commenting on the clip on Reddit wondering whether or not Earth was being visited by a higher being. ‘Is that God with a big camera?’ a user named Batbloke asked.

Others were less concerned with the optical illusion of ‘God’ and more impressed with the Biblical-esque weather.

North Queensland storms are something else,said Kapitan_eXtreme. It’s not the first time the internet has been baffled by a bizarre optical illusion.

A photograph started doing the rounds last week that appeared to show a cheeky naked motorbike rider. But it was in fact just a trick of the eyes – and no nudity was actually depicted. While in September some feared two planes had been caught in a terrifying near miss, while others believed it was nothing more than a bit of camera trickery.