Girl, 15 Dies After Being ‘Told To Squat 100 Times For Being Late For Work’

A teenage girl has died after she was allegedly told to do 100 deep squats by her manager for being late for work.

The girl, whose nickname is Xiao Fei, came home feeling unwell after she was punished for being late for work at the end of July, her father, Mr Jiang, told Guangdong Television Broadcast.

Xiao Fei had been working at Sunny Garden office, which belongs to Qfang real estate agency, in Zhongshan, China.

She told her father she was asked by her manager to do 100 deep squats in the morning

‘My daughter was not feeling well after and bought some medicine. But she cannot move her legs,’ said Mr Jiang.

Her mother claimed she was not able to lift up her hands and then went into a state of unconsciousness. She passed away in the intensive care unit over a week later on August 7.

Medical notes shown to a reporter indicated that the girl died from respiratory failure.

In the doctor’s notes, Xiao Fei was diagnosed with very rare Guillain–Barré syndrome although there was no suggestion it was linked to squatting.

Guillain–Barré syndrome can cause numbness, pain and muscle weakness and result in death in around one in every 20 cases.

Xiao Fei, 15, had taken the job to earn money to help her father pay off medical bills.

A manager at Sunny Garden, surnamed Li, told Guangdong Television Broadcast that Xiao Fei had done squats but not as a punishment.

He said: ‘She (Xiao Fei) volunteered to do deep squats. We are divided in teams here, and rules are set by their team leaders,’

The company said it was not aware Xiao Fei was under age and that she had stolen an identity card to apply for the job.