Ghost Photobombs Birthday Party – Family Snap Eerie Pic of A Ghost Boy Peering Into A Mirror During Her Daughter’s Birthday

Family claim they have lived with the spooky spectra for years before finally catching him on camera.

A FAMILY who say they’ve lived with the presence of an attention-seeking ghost boy for years claim to have finally caught him on camera.

Mum Sally Watts says she was left feeling “freaked out” after spotting a creepy child-like figure stood behind her in a photo taken by her daughter Charlotte three years ago.

In the picture, Sally, now 40, was celebrating her then-10-year-old daughter Grace’s birthday – while the boy-shaped figure appears to lurk at her shoulder in the mirror’s reflection.

The astounded mum believes it could be the spirit of a ghoul she says has lived with them for 12 years in their old home, playing cheeky tricks and even interacting with her own children.

Mum-of-five Sally, from Brynhyfryd, North Wales, said: “We came out with the cake and Charlotte stood to the side to take the picture.

“Charlotte and I were looking through the photos later and then I noticed the child behind me in the mirror. It completely freaked us out.

“I did wonder if there was anyone missing, but there was only one child not in the picture but sat on the other sofa where I could see.”

The mum to Charlotte, 18, Eddie, 14, Grace, 13, Ollie, six, and Freya, 18 months, claims a friend’s mother who is a medium had confirmed to them the spirit of a young boy resided in their former home.

She also alleges the medium’s instincts were further backed up by the discovery that there had been a tragic child death in the home years ago.

Sally said: “A neighbour overheard a conversation we’d been having and said his mother used to live in our house.

“We found out her brother died there when he was six. He had been playing out and slipped on the wet step and died.

“We found out his name was Anthony. We’d already named him, we used to call him Michael.”

Three years after the photo was taken, Sally’s fiancee, 40-year-old Greg Sleep, decided to share the photo online and despite receiving some scepticism she maintains the image is 100 per cent genuine.

Sally said: “A lot of people were just in awe of it. Some people have said we’ve done it with an app, we’ve had so much stick about it.

“But I really don’t have the time to sit and do things like that, I work and have five kids.

“It’s a genuine photo, if anyone can put an explanation on it I’m fine with that.

“If it’s something then it’s easier to think it’s a child and he has come to visit us.

“I’m not asking people to believe. There’s just no explanation for what we caught on camera.”