Ghost Hunters Completely Spooked After Finding a “Ghost” Photobombed Their Picture


A group of ghost hunters got an unexpected surprise this Halloween. While taking a group picture during a tour of a haunted hospital, a real “ghost” decided to join in on the fun.



This picture was taken at Newsham Park Hospital over the weekend. There is an extra guest on here that all who attended did not see during the event. Very strange but can you spot her?

Just to point out that this photo was taken by a team member and forwarded straight to us at HH. We have the exact same photos with no time to affect them in any way. Not that we would anyway. We don’t know what it is any more than you or any photographic or image expert. If you know exactly what it is then show us how you know but please don’t just accuse us of doctoring the photo as we have no interest whatsoever in doing so.

The leader of the group, Phil Barron, was accompanying the tour led by Haunted Happenings in the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool. During the tour, he stopped to take a photo of the group. Afterwards, he uploaded the image to Facebook and didn’t think anything more of it. In fact, it wasn’t till the next day when people started commenting on the picture and messaging him, that he took a closer look and saw the uninvited tour member front and center.


“There’s been no Photoshop work – I just lightened the picture a little as it was quite dark and sent it over.” Barron told the Daily Mail.

Many people have responded positively to the picture posted on Haunted Happenings official Facebook page, and some even claim to see more faces hidden within the photograph. “I see two, one near lady with red scarf or something on looking over shoulder of chap with fur trim hooded coat, the other is I front of fella a couple along from bloke in skeleton top,” one user wrote.

Apparently, there was more paranormal activity to be had that night, which may have to do with this unexpected discovery. “We had a very active evening that night. During table tipping, where you ask the spirit to move the table, there was movement, guests felt things touching them and the Ouija board had activity too,” Barron said.

Several theories have come out suggesting that the woman could be someone who was in the group, or that it’s an image on someone’s t-shirt, however there is no concrete conclusion yet as to who or what is actually in the picture.

h/t Daily Mail