George Carlin Exposes Truth About Germs & The Immune System

Video has surfaced of controversial comedian George Carlin exposing the truth about the modern “germ phobia” craze pushed by the medical mafia.

“Germs! Where did this sudden fear of germs come from,” says Carlin in his classic stand-up comedy show, “Have you noticed this? The media constantly running stories about all the latest infections?”

Carlin’s words may come as a shock if you’re unaware of the extensive body of scientific evidence showing that exposure to germs can actually strengthen the body’s immune system.

In fact, germ theory—the notion that avoiding germs as much as possible is the best way to prevent sickness—found its origins from Louis Pasteur, of whom the pasteurization process of milk was named after.

According to the Pasteur model of disease contagion, exposure to germs, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses is more often than not what will make us sick and, thus, such entities should be avoided or eradicated as often as possible to prevent sickness.

“Americans panic easily,” says Carlin in the video clip, “So now everybody’s running around, scrubbing this and spraying that, and overcooking their food and repeatedly washing their hands—trying to avoid all contact with germs!”

Pasteur’s model encourages dependency on Big Pharma by weakening the body’s immune system since people are encouraged to avoid contact with germs as much as possible.

“Let me tell you a true story about immunization,” says Carlin, “When I was a little boy, in the 1940’s, we swam in the Hudson River, and it was filled with raw sewage. We swam in raw sewage! And at that time, the big fear was polio! Thousands of kids died from Polio every year, but you know something? In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio! No one! Ever! You know why? Because we swam in raw sewage!”

As reported:

…there have been studies in the USA among Amish children and in Europe among those raised on small dairy farms that demonstrate how being exposed to germs at an early age exercises the immune system and make it stronger, natural immunization.

The notion that our bodies are inherently weak, flawed, and vulnerable to sickness is a fundamentally inaccurate medical model. However, George Carlin’s story about swimming in raw sewage should not be taken completely to heart. No one would suggest that as a health way to build up the immune system. However, avoiding germs all together is also ill advised.

Alternative models, like Claude Bernard’s pleomorphism, offer much more holistic interpretations of the immune system and its capacity to adapt.

You Can Watch the Full George Carlin Clip Here: