Geoengineering Expert: Chemtrails Are A Forced Airborne Vaccination That No One Knows About

 According to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), many states still offer religious, medical or philosophical exemptions allowing you to say no to vaccinations. Maintaining this right to refuse a vaccine syringe teeming with toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted infant tissue, human blood, DNA and thimerosal – to name a few – is a critical element of one’s health and medical freedom. But, as The Liberty Beacon reports, chemtrails may be considered to be a more sure method of vaccine delivery, where no medical choice exists.

The idea of dropping vaccines from the skies is not new. Since the early 1980s, millions of plastic packets of RABORAL V-RG, a rabies vaccination that is poisonous to humans, have been dropped by  “planes and helicopters” into wildlife areas in the United States, most notably in the State of Texas.

Although these rabies aerial vaccinations weren’t directly targeted at men, women and children, the research to do so has been heading in that direction. For example, the goal of a 2007 project entitled ID: 149AZ2 was to prepare a “viral vector” within the human population that would “increase /decrease” the expression of a particular gene.

According to, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock already links the nano aluminum particles found in chemtrails to the increase of neurodegenerative  diseases like Alzheimer’s.  These nano particles are machine like structures “less than 1/30th the width of a human hair.”

In 2013, as reported by, researchers at Vanderbilt University used gold nanorods to mimic an F-protein from a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). They then created a vaccine with this method. Professor James Crowe was the lead author. He remarked that their concept could be used to develop “experimental vaccines for virtually any virus … .”

The use of chemical and/or biological warfare against the American population is not new, as this report from Democracy Now attests. With vaccines becoming a more divisive issue, the idea of vaccination from inhaling nano particles from chemtrails is already past the drawing board. If you’re still breathing air, there may be no way to just say no to vaccinations delivered via those toxic clouds.

Geoenginerring watch reports: Sure you can avoid vaccines by saying no to your doctor while withstanding his browbeating and derogatory comments, by finding employment with a company that does not make them a condition of employment, by not putting your children in daycare or by home schooling them … BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BREATH … GOTCHA … !!!

TLB has propagated a lot of information heralding the use of GMO foods as an alternative delivery system for vaccines, but also using atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) to bypass the rising awareness and push-back of people like you and I, is a subject we do not discuss enough, and it is a reality. You WILL be subjected to the mechanism of vaccines whether you like it or not!

Over the past decade, independent testing of the chemical fallout of atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) around the country has shown a dangerous and extremely poisonous brew that includes (but is not limited to): nano sized aluminum particles, mercury (yea I said that), radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood (which may or may not contain a myriad of specific viruses), barium, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide and other unidentified organic materials.

Put aside for a moment the extreme danger of these nano sized particles of extremely toxic metals we are breathing in (you literally have no choice), and the fact that our fluoridated water facilitates the movement of these toxic metals across the blood brain barrier (FACT) and consider this – Look at the (I’m sure incomplete) list of ingredients found by validated independent testing of Chemtrail fallout and tell me … do you recognize any from your research of vaccine ingredients?

Do you believe this to be just a coincidence? Why do you need desiccated blood (which may or may not contain a myriad of specific viruses), mercury, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide and other unidentified organic materials to reflect sunlight and cool the earth as is the stated mission of atmospheric spraying or Geo-Engineering … answer … YOU DON’T!

Attached you will find a comprehensive article first published in 2012 that ought to have raised some serious concerns in all of us. This is something we should be discussing in earnest now, but we are not! Why, because this is not public knowledge and is not even widely disseminated among those of us who push back so hard against the evil of vaccines and it surely needs to be! This article will go much further in explaining the relatively unknown (to most of the uneducated or unaware public) mechanisms for the delivery of vaccines.

This isnt only happening in America … Australians are under attack as well!

The questions are no longer “Are we being sprayed” or “What are we being sprayed with” but have morphed into “What are the health risks associated with this poison cocktail raining down from above” and “WHY”

To detox is critical. Chlorella will help.