Garra Rufa Fish Bites The Skin & Heals Psoriasis and Dermatitis


Ictiotherapy has no side effects and after four treatments, the patients suffer from pale red spots and skin is not scaling anymore. You just put your feet in the aquarium and garra rufa rufa will eat your legs. But not to the bone like piranhas do, but just from the surface of the skin exfoliate. For non-confidential, it is good to know that the fish by its Latin name Cyprinidiae have no teeth.

They will clean the skin by sucking, precisely mild mouth movements which deeply revitalize the skin. In addition, the secreted enzyme is called dithranol or anthralin. It softens and rejuvenates the skin and prevents the rapid development of skin cells. However, the fish are not only good for pedicure, but also cure skin diseases, even those more difficult, such as psoriasis, and they are called Dr. Fish.

The treatment is painless, pleasant and relaxing and is called the “smile therapy”. The treatment is based on an absolutely natural method and has no side effects. Moreover, it is recommended for healthy people as an exclusive form of cleaning dead skin cells on the feet with bio-massage which stimulates microcirculation.

This unique treatment is called ictiotherapy and helps with neurodermatitis, eczema, corns, while the best results give in fighting psoriasis.  The psoriasis treatment lasts 21 days and the results are visible after seven days. After finishing the treatment, the flakes and redness disappear and the skin is smooth without burning and itching.


 The Trigger for Psoriasis Is Stress and So Far There Is No Cure

Three percent of the people in the world suffering from this autoimmune disease, and every 30th man ask for help to eliminate the red patches on the skin covered with white scales. Psoriasis has 40 different species, “attacks” regardless of age and gender, and so far there is no cure. It may be genetically inherited or transmitted. Interferes with liver functioning and causes inflammation and the first step of treatment is to remove the flakes so that the skin could breathe.

Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the habitats of protected species

Garra rufa belong to the carp family. They grow from 9 to 12 centimeters and live from four to six years. Their natural habitats are hot thermal springs near Kangal town in the north Turkish Anatolia and the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in Southeast Asia. The temperature of water in which they live is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, and the warm water speeds up their metabolism and cause hunger. They are protected species.

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Control Your Nutrition Plan While You’re on This Therapy

To achieve better results, especially if you treat psoriasis, you should remove sugar, fruit juices and caffeine from your eating list. These substances make it difficult to renew the skin. It would be best to consume water and unsweetened tea and more cooked vegetables. Try and be less exposed to stress during treatment.

  There Is no Risk of Getting an Infection in the Pool

Salons and spas with garra rufa fish are under sanitary control and must have a valid license. Although there is a possibility of growing bacteria in the tanks, the risk of infection is negligible in licensed salons.

The Fish Were Discovered By an Anatolian Shepherd Because They Were Hungry

They were discovered decades ago by a shepherd in one of the small lakes near the town of Kangal. He put a wounded leg in thermal water, and fish have eaten the dead skin as it is the thermal water was short on tiny organisms they are fed to.