French McDonald’s Billboard Gives Directions To Burger King Drive-Thru…..But Why

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Since Burger King returned to France in 2013, the brand’s marketing has revolved around campaigns that highlight the opening of every new restaurant by capitalizing on the scarcity of its locations. There are only 17 Burger King drive-throughs.

In France, McDonald’s just trolled Burger King in a wonderful, albeit possibly gratuitous, way. And this wasn’t some tired, overused trolling method: this was unique, creative, and downright impressive.

But now, McDonald’s France is stepping in with a swipe at its rival, one that also reminds people just how far away their nearest drive-thru Burger King might be — but not necessarily in a good way.

Of course, the Burger King happens to be 258 kilometers away, so the directions get complicated. And therein lies the Golden Arches’ point: If you’re looking for a Burger King drive-thru in France, tant pis.

The ad says that there are more than 1,000 McD’s drive-thrus in France. And if you happen to be where this sign is, there’s one just 5 kilometers away, a tiny companion billboard points out.


The billboard, made by TBWA\Paris, has gone up Brioude, a town of 6,700 people in the Haute-Loire region, chosen presumably for its particular remoteness from a BK drive-thru. And indeed, the directions take you some 258 kilometers (160 miles) to that BK location, by which point you’ll be so famished that you might actually eat the stuff.
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