Four People Who Claim To Have Traveled Through The Time

We have seen time machines taking a person to the past or the future only in movies or have heard about them in stories. In reality is this time travel possible? Even scientists have started wondering about time travelers being a part of our future. Some think that it is theoretically possible to travel through time. No one has been able to find out the means or a definite way to make it happen.

There are people who say that they have visited to some other time and place.

1. Woman Who Visited A Queen’s Memories:

Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were students at the St.Hugh’s College in Oxford. On August 10, 1901 they were visiting Versailles. New to the place, they got lost while looking for Petit Trianon. Then they saw two men wearing long green coats and hats with three corners. The men directed them across a bridge. Both Anne and Eleanor felt strange. On the other side of the bridge, they saw a woman in 18th century clothing sitting on a stool and sketching.

The women went back and began investigating the mysterious scene they had experienced. Both of them knew nothing about the 18th century France. On doing some research they were shocked to see a picture of Marie Antoinette, as she was the same woman they had seen sketching outside Petit Trianon. The Queen had been actually sketching outside the Petiti Trianon when she learned about the Parisian mob marching towards Versailles. Did the women travel to the past?

2. Time Traveling Hipster:

The above picture is taken at the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in the early 1940s in Gold Bridge, B.C., in Canada. There were many people to witness the event. The photo was shown later on the website of Virtual Museum Of Canada. The person with sunglasses looks out of place. His fancy goggle, branded shirt and the camera he is holding definitely does not belong to the 1940s. Did the hipster use the time machine?

3. The Man Who Foresaw The Firebombing Of Hamburg:


In 1932, a German newspaper reporter went to Hamburg Shipyard with the photographer to take interviews for a story. As they finished and were leaving they heard aircraft engines above them. In the sky they saw a lot of warplanes and then bombs began exploding around them. Within a short time everything was burning. The photographer quickly took pictures of the devastation and came back to Hamburg to develop the film. To their astonishment, there was nothing they had captured about the attacks. The editor accused them of making up a story and being drunk.

In 1943, 11 years later Hamburg did see the bomb attack. RAF dropped around 600 bombs that killed 40,000 people. It was the Second World War’s first destruction of a major city. The German Reporter saw the story and the pictures. He claimed that this was exactly what he and his friend photographer had witnessed 11 years earlier.

4. Hotel Time Warp:


In 1979, two British couples went on a holiday in the north of France. In the night while driving on the road they were looking for a place to rest. On the way they saw some signs of a very old-fashioned circus. Then they saw an old building that look like a motel. They found a few people standing there who told the British couples that the building was an inn and that the hotel was down the road. They moved on and found an old fashioned hotel. Inside the hotel, they found everything made of wood. There was no telephone or any modern device.

The hotel rooms had simple wooden latches and the windows had shutters and no glass. In the morning, two gendarmes wearing old fashioned uniforms served them breakfast. The c0uples paid a bill of only 19 francs and they left. On their way back, the couples decided to stay in the same odd and very cheap hotel. But this time they did not find the building. The circus, inn and the hotel had just vanished without any trace. The pictures the couples took of the hotel did not develop. When the couples did a little research, they found that the uniforms French gendarmes wore were worn in 1905.