Former Satanic High Priest Says Christian Prayers Hindered Him From Carrying Out Evil

A man who used to be a high priest in the Church of Satan has opened up about the power of Christian prayer. Incredibly, he admitted that when followers of Jesus were praying for him, he found it incredibly difficult to engage in satanic activities. John Ramirez, who once worshiped the Devil wholeheartedly, is now a Christian evangelical pastor.

Ramirez has made it his personal crusade to advise believers on the reality of spiritual warfare. He even wrote a book on the subject, titled, “Armed and Dangerous: The Ultimate Battle Plan for Targeting and Defeating the Enemy.”

“I wrote this book because I wanted Christians to know that it’s not only a defense spiritual warfare, but there’s an offense spiritual warfare,” he told CBN News in a recent interview.  “We need to keep … the devil in his place.”

Ramirez explained that his devotion to Satan became most effective when believers were prayerless.

“I was able to go in there and capitalize and take a stand and a position in the spirit realm against the Christians that were not praying,” he explained.  “I took that territory away so I owned your neighbor; I owned your neighborhood; I owned your region because you didn’t saturate with prayers. I beat you to it.”

But when Christians did pray, he found it created some sort of spiritual block, preventing him from engaging in evil activities.

“It is those believers, it’s that group of people, those intercessors that gave me such a beatdown in the spiritual,” he said.  “When I came into the neighborhood and they were in the spirit together holding hands. Do I know they were physically holding hands in one area? I don’t know, but in the spirit realm, they were holding hands. And, they were able to chase me out the neighborhood. No mission accomplished. Mission aborted, weakened my assignment and no mission accomplished because they knew something: they had the power in that neighborhood that I didn’t have.”

Now, Ramirez is desperate to light a fire for prayer in the hearts of America’s Christians. He believes that too many believers are pre-occupied with their own prayer requests, instead of thinking bigger and praying for the nation.

“That has a place for your prayer life,” he said. “But no one is praying for your neighbor. So I was able to go in and capitalize!”

As a man who has seen the “dark side,” Ramirez knows the realities of prayer and the power of God at work.

“If I know what’s going on in my neighborhood, then I know what to lift up to the altar of God,” he said. “And I think a lot of times we miss it because we have been called to be intercessors between life and death. We need to intercede for our neighborhood, our region, then our family, our loved ones, our husbands, wives, our workplaces.”

Despite living a life of chaos and selfishness, Ramirez came to realize just how empty satanism really was. When he found Christ, he found true spiritual fulfillment.

“For 25 years of my life, I was able to do anything to anybody, anywhere,” he said.  “I count that all to be foolish to gain Christ. He’s my Uno. He’s the breath that I breathe. He walks with me. I can hear the sound of His voice in my ear.”

(H/T : CBN News)