Forensics Evidence Specialists Claims That Justin Bieber Is A Woman – You Decide

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Here is the video that millions of people have been waiting for.  There has been a lot of talk, about the possibility that Bieber is in fact female.  The forensic evidence is now being made public, for all to see, in this following video:

Be sure to save the location of this video on our backup video channel.  YouTube has taken down many of our videos, because the videos use hard facts and solid evidence to expose, some very embarrassing global agendas, that are currently under way – like trying to pass off a little girl, named “Justin” as a boy, for example.

The “Justin Bieber Roast” is coming up soon.  It will be a major event in the entertainment industry.  But through our video, God is now “ROASTING” Bieber, with THE TRUTH!  At the coming staged Hollywood event, you can expect that the ACTORS, will “act”.  They will read their scripted parts.  They will put on their scripted facial expressions.  They will play their part – continuing to pretend, continuing to deceive the nations, into believing that Bieber is “a male, with girlish qualities”.  Bieber is a girl, who has quite effectively mutilated, many feminine aspects of her gender.  She is a deceiver, who has done incredible amounts of damage, to the identities of young girls in almost every country around the world.

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As a transgender – who has now been dragged OUT, of the closet, she is surprisingly NOT PROUD, of being a transgender.  Why is this?  Why would she continue to hide the Truth, about her biology, and her ontology?  As a deceiver and an antichrist – one who is opposed to the Truth, for starters – she has been caught in ‘a downward spiral’, from which she cannot escape. The money, the prestige, the position, the power, have ALL, become her ‘gods’.

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And what of the MILLIONS of young vulnerable, and gullible teenagers – most of them female, who have publicly and repeatedly professed their love for Bieber, even to the point of erecting shrines to her?  The forensic evidence being presented in this video – the TRUTH!!! – will most certainly, raise some “gender confusion” issues in them.  Many will need to seek professional help.  Many will spend thousands of dollars, on counseling professionals, as they seek to undo the harm that has been done to their sexual identities – harm that was caused, by Justin Bieber, a girl, passing herself off as “a MALE pop star”.

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Check back with this article.  Bookmark it.  We will be updating this article from time to time, posting some of our favorite reactions to this video, from around the world – as those responses are made public.