Footage of Ship Flying Above The Ocean Goes Viral

The internet has gone into meltdown after a viral video appears to show a huge ship hovering above the surface of the ocean.

The footage was captured by stunned holidaymakers at the Cocoa Beach in Florida who seem to be terrified by what they are witnessing.

One witness can be heard saying, “Mother of God”, whilst another is so afraid, she can be heard crying in the background.

Some onlookers can be seen running into the sea to get a closer look, whilst others seem to be running away in fear.


According to Express, it the footage was filmed by a tourist but witnessed by much more people on the beach.On this occasion, the tourist claims to have recorded the footage from the balcony of his house overlooking the beach.

Some have described the images as eerie amid claims they show a large boat floating above the horizon, whilst others passed it off an optical illusion.

But one leading UFO expert, well-known for his theories on strange pictures and video, rejected the optical illusion theory to the delight of his followers.

Scott C Waring, of UFOSIGHTINGSDAILY.COM immediately claimed it was a UFO manned by aliens.

He blogged:

“Now we have evidence that they make themselves look like ships, but they fly. You see, they can play their tricks all they want, but sooner or later they get caught.”But do we have any evidence?

Mr. Waring has divided the UFO community, with many more serious investigators claiming he deliberately leaps to these conclusions to increase views of his blog site.Other theories claimed the phantom boat was a hologram projected into the air by secretive Government officials.

The “Project Blue Beam” theory claims the Illuminati plan to implement a New World Order on Earth by using holograms to trick us into believing aliens have invaded or Christ has returned.

More extreme theories continued with claims the boat could be appearing through a time-space portal from another dimension.

But similar claims were made when a series of images emerged of floating cities in the sky above China.Thousands of residents of Foshan in Guangdong province reportedly sighted a “ghostly alien city” of skyscrapers floating in the air. The strange sighting occurred reportedly after thousands in the province of Jiangxi sighted a similar apparition in the sky.

The strange sighting occurred reportedly after thousands in the province of Jiangxi sighted a similar apparition in the sky.

In 2011, residents of Huangshan City in the southern Anhui province also reported sighting structures resembling a city with skyscrapers floating mid-air.

The floating cities sightings were explained away as being the effects of fata morgana.The word “Fata” is derived from the Latin for “fairy,” while “Morgana” refers to the sorceress Morgan le Fey of the King Arthur legend.