Food Forest With Over 150 Varieties of Fruits and Veggies On 1/4 Acre


What some might consider a huge undertaking, Dr. Bob Randall would consider a labor of love and sustainability.

With over 150 different food varieties growing from his .28 acre lot, Randall has plenty to go around.

In fact, 90% of his food source is located just outside his front door.

While most people in the US stick to growing inedible grass in their front lawn, it would seem more wise for us all to at least start growing SOME sort of food for ourselves.

But Randall isn’t just a gardener for himself, he is responsible for helping create 135 gardens across Houston, Texas.

He received is doctorate in Ecological Anthropology from UC Berkeley in 1977, and soon after started working in pesticide research for the World Health Organization (WHO).

“I was getting ill from pesticide poison in the labs and couldn’t stand the chemistry labs any more,” Randall says.

After leaving WHO Randal set his sites on learning how to create a more sustainable way of growing food.

Permaculture was the answer! Permaculture is this beautiful, organic, marriage between plants.

No need for pesticides or toxic sprays here, just some good old fashion nature doing its thing. Check out the video below to get a tour of Randall’s food forest.