Flying Girl Plays With Demon: Real Levitation, Demon, Witches & Witchcraft

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Trey Smith has been known for his many videos exposing Nephilim Giants, UFO, Fallen Angels and more. He is a YouTube sensation and today he has created—what I believe—to be one of his most powerful videos about a levitating girl.

Here is what he states in his YouTube commentary:   

“Flying / Levitating Girl Plays with a Demon: In this set of analyzed clips you may find real demons caught on tape, a pair of real witches…… and a real flying girl (at minimum). Also, note how the demon (demons) caught on tape look striking similar to little ufo / aliens caught on tape (or aliens in ufo footage / ufo alien drawings).

“Flying Girl / Levitating Girl — Some suggest the image is that of a Flying humanoid and/or Flying Nephilim (some type of humanoid hybrid)

“The Flying Girl (Levitating girl) and her mother are thought by many to be real witches, performing real occult, and real witchcraft in the footage. Thus, the manifestation of the real demons caught on tape (and perhaps even Satan himself caught on tape? Who knows).

“Levitating / Flying girl footage is analyzed by Trey Smith (founder of the God in a Nutshell project). Additionally, the demon demons caught on tape were discovered by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell video editors whilst working on (and sorting through “real occult / real witchcraft” and/or “real ufo” and “real alien” footage from all around the globe.”

This is the original footage shot by the dog walker

Here is the breaking video by Trey Smith