Flight Attendant Drops 9/11 Bombshells


Rebekah Roth, former flight attendant turned researcher has put out HUGE mind blowing bombshells on 9/11 that you must hear now!  She knows who wired the buildings and has pictures to prove it!   This information is so critical for every American to understand that I’m calling for all BIN readers to share it by all possible means!   You need to listen to the entire interview but you’ll hear a very KEY part if you forward to the 31:00 minute mark and look at the pictures below which she will describe in that section of the interview.  Rebekah has done an amazing job here – this is a MUST LISTEN show.

Spread it everywhere on this anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attack.  You won’t hear ANY of this new information on Alex Jones because he’s already been exposed with the David Duke interview.

When you hear Rebekah’s incredible evidence on who was involved in 9/11 you’ll know why Alex won’t be talking about it and won’t have Rebekah Roth on this show in the future! Send this viral so Alex Jones and others in the alternative media can’t hide this information any more for their masters that built the FEMA camps!


Thousands of electronic fuse holders used to blow up buildings shown in these pictures from the World Trade Center!  These “art students” have been tied to Mossad explosive experts and took over and lived on the 91st floor!  They were given construction passes to have full access to the building!   This is smoking gun proof right here because there was not ANY rewiring being done on the building nor were these “art students” cleared to do electrical rewiring in the building!