Flat Earther Explains Why We Don’t Fall Off Edge Of The Earth

An ardent flat-earther has answered the age old question of: ‘Well, why don’t you fall off the edge of the Earth?’ 

It’s a pretty good one, so far as questions go in the world of Flat Earth conspiracies but Connor Murphy reckon he has the answer.

Connor, son of famous flat-earther Dave Murphy, spoke exclusively to UNILAD about NASA, the Sun, Photoshop and pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to ask someone who thinks the reason you see the curvature of Earth from a plane is because the windows are round.

Speaking about why NASA and the government would lie about space travel, he said:

There are two good reasons in my opinion. One obvious reason would be money. The money raised by NASA alone since their inception is something like fifteen trillion dollars, and with that money they’ve really shown little for their work.

They’re releasing composite images and articles and telling you this is what’s happening, this is what we’re doing, and we spent seven hundred million dollars to get this photo of Pluto that we had to put together in Photoshop.

A second thing is to make people feel insignificant. It makes you feel like you’re an insignificant speck of dust and therefore you’re easy to control. Basically if you can imagine the globe squashed down with Antarctica instead of being its own continent, being the perimeter around the side. So a lot of people say that’s an ice wall. It’s more like a shelf or cliff.

Watch the documentary here:

And as for why we don’t fall of the edge of the world, he added:
Fall off into what, do you know what I’m saying? The way we see it is it’s an enclosed system.

There’s water above, there’s the firmament – or the dome – and there’s water above it and water below it and there’s no leaving it, there’s no finding other Suns and stuff. You can’t fall off the edge, essentially.

What about the curve of the Earth you can see when you fly? Conor said:

You cannot see curvature from a plane. The reason why it may seem is because of the way planes have to be designed. Every single window on a plane has to be round and curved because the cabin itself is curved.

You can’t have straight panes or they would explode and everyone with the plane would be done. Next time you’re on a plane, look out the window and at the wing, because the wing will seem to curve as well.

Connor believes the only reason a lot of find Flat Earth conspiracies a complete joke is because we’re taught to do so from a very early age.

He didn’t personally always believe the Earth was flat, but as he got older and delved into it he found there to be too many ‘inconsistencies with the model you’re taught at school’, he couldn’t ignore them anymore.

‘At one point,’ he finishes, ‘you have to make a decision on where you lie on it and I had to pick the Flat Earth.’