Five Soft Skills That You Should Cultivate and Add To Your Resume

Staying competitive in today’s economy is important. There are a lot of jobs out there. For example, LegalZoom lists dozens of jobs in a variety of disciplines.

More available jobs means more chances of landing your dream job, but there is also a lot of competition for those jobs. If you want to get hired, you have to make sure you stand out from the other candidates.

That means making sure you have all the right qualifications, but employers are looking for more than just candidates who have graduated from the right programs. They are also looking for soft skills that demonstrate abilities beyond the requirements of each particular job.

Here are five soft skills you should cultivate and add to your resume.

Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re applying for, every employer wants to find employees with good communication skills. By demonstrating your skills on your resume, you can boost your chances of getting hired. The question is, exactly what are communication skills? They include things like:

* Active listening

* Presentation skills

* Persuasion

* Public speaking

* Writing skills

Demonstrating previous examples of times when you helped your team come to a resolution, or created a convincing presentation can demonstrate your communication skills to a potential employer.


Teamwork is a coveted skill at work. It’s obvious that it’s an important qualification for people who will be working on a team, but it’s also something employers look for in employees who have solitary job duties.

Teamwork is more than just working with other people on a common goal. It might mean volunteering your time or skills to another team or person who could use a little help.

In addition, teamwork directly influences company culture. Employees with a team-oriented outlook are more likely to create a supportive, friendly atmosphere. That makes coming to work every morning more pleasant, but it also enables the company to hire and retain top talent.

Problem Solving

The world of work has changed a lot since the days when manufacturing ruled the world. It used to be that people went into work and did the same things over and over again, but all that is changing.

Automation and technology have made many of those jobs obsolete, and they’re being replaced with jobs that require problem solving skills.

Problem solving is an important skill to foster. Not only will it make life less stressful for you, because you’ll know how to face problems head-on, it will make you an asset to any employer.

Employees with high problem solving skills contribute by:

* Seeing the solution without focusing too much on the problem itself

* Clearly defining the problem, and approaching it with an open mind

* Coming up with new and unique solutions that others may not think of

Work Ethic

No matter how talented you are in a certain area, it’s all for nothing if your employer doesn’t get your best every day. That’s where work ethic comes in.

For example, your employer isn’t going to like it if you’re late to work and submit projects past their deadline, even if you are great at your job. Find ways to demonstrate your work ethic on your resume. That includes things like:

* Follows directions easily

* Organized

* Meets deadlines

* Attentive

* Reliable

* Self-supervising

* Stays on task

Work ethic includes things that are extremely difficult to teach and learn. If you can demonstrate them on your resume, you’ll set yourself apart from other applicants who are applying for the same position.


Every job has its unique stresses. No matter how well planned, things will always go at least a little differently than you expected. Your adaptability is your ability to deal with those changes.

Workplaces look for this soft skill in their employees because changes can happen quickly in the modern workplace. Employees who are able to roll with the punches, make changes, and still adhere to deadlines are an asset to every company, no matter what their job description.

That includes technology. Companies are changing programs and updating platforms on a regular basis. Demonstrating your ability to embrace change is a great way to show a potential employer your true worth.

Your resume may be full of your past experience and educational background, but it isn’t just your degree and previous jobs employers want to know about. Make sure you’re the kind of candidate companies really want to hire by cultivating and adding these soft skills to your resume.


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