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To match feature WHALING/JAPAN

Captured short-finned pilot whales are seen on the deck of a whaling ship at Taiji Port in Japan’s oldest whaling village of Taiji, 420 km (260 miles) southwest of Tokyo June 4, 2008. Harsh criticism from conservationists and foreign countries, and changing appetites at home, threaten the whalers’ way of life which they say stretch back 400 years. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned commercial whaling in 1986, but is now bitterly divided between countries such as Australia that say all whales still need protection, and those such as Japan that argue some species are abundant enough for limited hunting. Picture taken June 4, 2008. To match feature WHALING/JAPAN REUTERS/Issei Kato (JAPAN) – RTX6TIY

‘First time in 30 years’  Japan whaling ships return from Antarctic trip EMPTY — RT News

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