Find The Letter ‘C’ In Less Than 5 Seconds, It Is Tougher Than It Seems

We’ve got a new test for your eyes! While these picture challenges pop up every now and then on the internet, let’s see just how fast you can find the letter ‘c’ in this sea of o’s. It may sound simple but finding this letter might be trickier than you think.

Though the cluster of circles may be a little discombobulating at first, within a minute you should be able to find the circle that isn’t complete. This test has been circulating the internet and challenging eyes all over.

The challenge is to find the ‘c’ in under a minute, however, if you are a natural at things like this, you should be able to find the mismatching letter in ten seconds or less. Once you see it, it’s almost impossible to not see it.

Do whatever you have to do to prepare your eyes, maybe even start a timer on your phone and see exactly how long it takes you to find the concealed letter. If you can’t spot it immediately at first, try looking away to refresh your eyes and then scan the image once again.

Whether you found it or just gave up, the ‘c’ is hiding in the lower right section of the image.

Everyone seems to have varying times finding the letter, some see it instantly while others really struggle.