Find Out What Your Fingerprint Reveals About Your Personality

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While you might have known that all fingerprints are unique to their person, there are about four different types that we generally see across mankind.

And each one has been linked to certain traits and characteristics of a person’s personality.

Look at your fingerprints, and then flip through the cards below to see what your prints reveal about you!

#1 Loopy


This is the most common type of fingerprint. People with it tend to possess average intelligence and an easy going attitude.

#2 Whirly


This is the second most common fingerprint type. People with it tend to be intellectual, strong-willed leaders.

They are also often controlling.

#3 Swirly


People with swirly fingerprint tend to be analytical, naturally talented and short tempered. They tend to be reflective loners.

#4 Curvy


People with curly fingerprints are often energetic and confident. Its difficult to sway them once they’ve made a  decision.