Find Out What The Location of Your Mole Means


You have noticed a new mole on your skin? Do not panic because people throughout life, especially the ones who have a lighter complexion, can always get a new mole up to their 40’s.

Some people get moles by birth, childhood, puberty, but they can also get mole later in life.

Most moles generally do not change or grow in proportion to the area of the body where they are located. It is difficult to give an accurate and satisfactory definition of mole, but they usually count as benign tumors in the skin.

According to some experts, every adult has thirty moles, 7 of which are on the face. Moles are classified according to the type of tissue from which they occurred, the type of cells that are built, the amount of pigment and so on. The most common pigmented moles are the ones that vary in color from light brown to dark, and almost black.

In today’s article we will present something different about moles on the body. Find the mole on your body and look under the number and learn its meaning.

  1. You will have life full of challenges.
  2. You have weak nerves.
  3. You are dedicated. Your life can have array of business challenges.
  4. Be aware of colds, especially if the mole on this location is black.
  5. You will have careless life. However, take care of your health after the 50 year of your life.
  6. You are ambitious.
  7. You are generous and when it comes to work you are honest.
  8. This is the mole of happiness.
  9. You will enjoy happiness and wealth.
  10. Males will have lots of children.
  11. You are blessed with obedient children who bring you happiness.
  12. Wealth will come in your life.
  13. You are gifted with indescribable beauty.
  14. Happiness.
  15. You have to suffer to earn a living..
  16. You do not receive recognition for the work you do.
  17. Be careful with finances.
  18. If it is located on the left hand, you spend your money faster than you earn them. On the right hand it means you are a magnet for money.
  19. This mole brings less inheritance to men.
  20. You will have tough and painful life.
  21. Your life will be filled with travel.
  22. Sing of stress and short life.
  23. You will do great work and will be praised.
  24. You are passionate and have strong libido.
  25. If you are woman you will be great mother.
  26. You are wild spirit. You cannot connect with just one thing. You will often move in your life.
  27. Do not have trust women who have this mole. They are not evil but they talk a lot.
  28. Be careful on how much and in which way you spend your money.
  29. This mole means wealth and progress.
  30. You respect people around you.
  31. If you want to succeed you need to work hard.
  32. You are not quite ambitious. Maybe it is time to set your goals.
  33. You know to be extremely insensitive towards people.
  34. Love is not your strongest side.
  35. You will get everything you want in life.
  36. This mole indicated back pain.
  37. You will have life full of responsibilities.
  38. Be careful of people and their shenanigans.
  39. Life and happiness will not be gentle to you.
  40. Same as the previous one.
  41. You are not ambitious.
  42. Success and wealth are on your side.
  43. You are wise and creative.
  44. You have strong charisma.
  45. You are blessed with intelligence.
  46. Your destiny is not quite the best.
  47. You are hard working.
  48. You have wild spirit.
  49. You are not nice person.
  50. Your marriage lacks of love.
  51. You are slow and untidy.
  52. It is very possible to experience going through a divorce.
  53. This mole is a magnet for great earnings.
  54. Mole on this location indicated marriage problems.
  55. You are trustworthy person.
  56. You are blessed with lots of happiness.
  57. If you have this mole you will most likely experience many injustices from a close friend.
  58. You are usually calm person but as soon as someone goes over the line you simply explode.
  59. You are born to be banker. You know how to work with numbers as well as with money.
  60. You possess great social skills.
  61. You have lots of friends.