Find Out How A 6 Year Old Made $85,000 In 16 Days and What He Plans To Do With It

Zack’s Shack is the reason why almost 400 people have wheelchairs. The shack was created in 2009 by a six-year-old boy, Zack Francom, who had a goal to raise $86 to give a wheelchair to someone in need.

Since then, Zack, (who is now 14) has raised almost $85,000 and appeared on the Steve Harvey show where he received another $5,000.

Steve Harvey wasn’t the only one who recognized Francom’s generous nature. State Farm also donated $25,000 to support his cause.

The cookies and lemonade that are sold at Zack’s Shack are made in his own kitchen, with the help of his mom, Nancy Bird, and his stepfather, Danny Bird.

Along with the homemade cookies and lemonade, customers can purchase Zack’s Shack t-shirts.

The shack is only open two days a year during spring break. Zack runs his shack with the help of friends and his six-year-old sister, Helen.

Zack’s Shack has become a family endeavor, and now Francom is ready to hand the lemonade stand over to Helen.

This year, Zack’s Shack and Helen’s Hut stood side by side

In a thank you video, six-year-old Helen estimated she had sold 90 cookies, but Zack told her they sold a great deal more and they plan to continue the tradition next year.

Next year, Helen will be running Helen’s Hut all by herself, following the example of her big brother.

Francom said, “It was a good experience, but I know that I’m leaving it in good hands.”