Fearless 7 Year Old Takes On An Armed Robber

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Most little boys dream of becoming soldiers, cops, or firemen when they grow up because they want a chance to be a real-life superhero, but one fearless 7-year-old decided he wasn’t going to wait until he was a grown up to become a hero. The brave 7-year-old was with his mom at a local GameStop in Silver Spring, Maryland at around 9pm last Friday night when two armed robbers wearing masks and dark hoodies came into the store and started demanding money from the cashier. Before they made their way to the register, one of the robbers tried to grab the boy, but before he could, he punched him twice in the stomach.


Unfortunately, his brave efforts were not enough, and the masked men ended up stealing the cash from the register, as well as their belongings. “Well, he’s tough,” the boy’s mother, who chose not to identify herself or her son, said. “He’s tough and, you know, I think instincts come out in situations like that.”


“It was scary. You’re never prepared for something like that. You’re not. So, you don’t wish it on your worst enemy,” the boy’s father said of the traumatizing experience.

Watch the security footage below to see the incredible way this 7-year-old reacted when armed robbers threatened him and his mother.

How would you react if a robber pointed a gun in your face?