FDNY Firefighter Claims He’s Seen Ghosts, Aliens and Angels

He’s one of the city’s Bravest … and Strangest.

Firefighter Andrew Radziewicz says he’s a “psychic medium” who regularly encounters extraterrestrials, UFOs, dead people, angels and other strange phenomena — even in his Brooklyn fire station.

“I’ve seen angels at work,” the Radziewicz, 38, said in a March 11 interview on the “Sacred Matrix” online radio show, where he went by his pseudonym, Andrew Raz.

He says he frequently sees colorful orbs of light from his Brighton Beach apartment and the nearby Coney Island shoreline.

He has also seen Abe Lincoln.

After spotting an “enormous” craft in June, Radziewicz wrote on Facebook, he “asked for validation from our star family” and Lincoln’s face appeared “in a green uniform under the American flag.”

Radziewicz began “documenting” the encounters last summer, sharing blurry photos and video footage with hundreds of Facebook users in a private group he created in January. His online photo shows him in his FDNY uniform.

The 12-year FDNY veteran is also working on a book and documentary after he says he captured footage — which he won’t release — of four 7-foot-tall “light beings” who woke him up on Sept. 11 last year.

Radziewicz claims that a massive “mothership” follows him around and that his encounters with aliens and angels turns his skin blue. He posts many pictures of his blue self. The soul of his dead dog, Odi, frequently visits him on a “lightship,” he says in posts.

Radziewicz wouldn’t talk to The Post about his supposed abilities — including the power to heal — and visions, but he has spoken about them to fringe media programs that focus on extraterrestrials and other dimensions of consciousness.

He has said in interviews that his first alien encounter came in 1999, when he was a 19-year-old watchman on a U.S. Coast Guard cutter in the Gulf of Mexico.

He claims he saw two white or silver objects moving together and called the officer on deck. About 20 sailors and others on the vessel saw the objects, he says, even though they didn’t show on the radar.

“When they touched and came together, they vanished,” he told an interviewer. “There’s no way that a human could be in that sort of craft.”

No one spoke of the UFOs the next day, but Radziewicz said the incident “opened the door” for him.

Radziewicz joined the FDNY in 2006 and earned $110,076 in fiscal year 2017. He is assigned to Engine 211/Ladder 119 in Williamsburg.

He admitted people “mock me and make fun of me” for his online posts about his encounters.

“I’m so far past that. I know that what I’ve experienced is real,” he said on “Sacred Matrix.”

“There are other people out there that are so terrified to talk about this because they don’t want to be made fun of at work.”

He says he learned how to interact with “nonhuman intelligence” in 2011 during a weeklong retreat in the California desert with Steven Greer, a former ER doctor and ufologist. Radziewicz is going to get tested for “alien DNA” and speak at a conference in New Mexico about his encounters.

Radziewicz claims to make contact by meditating using a protocol Greer developed called “CE-5” – or close encounters of the fifth kind. He now trains with an “evidential medium” and works with another group in upstate New York, as well as an Australian-based UFO researcher. He’s also participating in a scientific study.Radziewicz kept quiet about these experiences until last year.

“If you talked about it, or if you had pictures and you put ’em on Facebook, people said that you were a nut job,” he told “Sacred Matrix.”

“We’ve been having communication with beings from Sirius to the Andromeda galaxy to all sorts of galaxies … Mostly it’s telepathic.”