FBI Claims Hitler Did Not Die He Fled To Argentina


As history has recorded it perhaps one of the most hated dictators to ever live Adolf Hitler the founder of the Nazi Third Reich committed suicide with his lady love Eva Brawn right after the Soviet Union liberated Germany during World War II.


This has been documented in many histories books, it is a fact that has been recorded. But over the years many have wondered if Hitler truly was dead, with good reason. After all, Hitler was a very crafty man who could have thought it out how he would explain if he did lose control of Germany during World War II.

He could have plotted it all, and many in the world believed that is what he did, and for years his death has met with scrutiny and has been considered a death hoax. Now it would seem that maybe the hoax could very well be documented after all, by none other than the FBI. Over the years the story of Adolf Hitler’s death was that after the Soviet Union had taken over Germany, the found his body along with that of Eva Braun. No one other than those from the Soviet Union saw these bodies and shortly after that the bodies were taken to the Soviet Union where these were supposedly identified as that of the famed radical dictator and his lady love.

But now thanks to the declassified FBI documents it would seem that maybe this was indeed all an act. That perhaps the Soviet Union staged Hitler’s death to send him and Eva Bawn off to have a new life in Argentina.The documents go into how an unidentified submarine was spotted off the coast of Argentina around this time. Then there was the fact that apparently, the FBI had an informant that claims to have seen Adolf Hitler living in Argentina and even supplied pictures of the man they believed to be him in hiding.

Of course, the informant’s name was never made public, so there were still those who clung to the belief that Hitler did die in 1945, but then came the most shattering evidence of all.Back in 2008, an archeologist was given an opportunity to take DNA samples from the remains of both Hitler and Brawn. What was discovered thanks to DNA advancements and finding living relatives of Brawn is that odds are the remains weren’t that of the couple. So, what does this all mean? Could the Soviet Union have helped Hiter stage his death, if so why? Let’s remember at that time the Soviet Union was supposed to be on the Allie side during World War II.

Perhaps we will never truly know the answer, but the evidence that perhaps the most hated man in history didn’t die as was reported in history is now out there to be seen at the FBI official website, it is certainly something to consider and contemplate.