Fat Rat Spotted Gorging On Yogurt Toppings In McDonald’s

Are you still loving it? Fast food giant McDonald’s has blamed poor sewage and local street merchants after a large rat was filmed feasting on dessert toppings at one of its branches in Thailand.

Video reportedly taken at the Hat Yai city restaurant shows the rodent leaping in and out of a dessert counter, snacking on the sweet yogurt toppings.

Ingredients in the global fast food vendor’s products have been questioned down the years, but rat is certainly one additive not on the McDonald’s menu.

A spokesperson for the restaurant chain has confirmed the footage is genuine and blamed the store’s neighborhood for the rat incursion.

Management pinned the fault on local “street vendors and public sewers that are a breeding area for rats and insects”.

“We checked security footage and found that the accusation is true… We ordered the restaurant to clean all of its equipment and the whole restaurant, especially the dessert counter, right away,” the statement reads, according to AP.