Fallen Satanic Nephilim Bloodline’s Hidden Hands In Everything Since Eden

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Icelandic Watchman: This interview is from the NYS now you see you tube channel I simply mirrored it as this interview needs more views and needs folks to see it ,,,truth in a detail I have yet to come across on youtube about this subject. Gary Wayne wrote the book one of many Genesis Conspiracy and I bought it and read it and it blew me away every page. The first time I have found an interview where I hear the true deductions of everything from the fallen angels, nephilim their giant offspring and the watchers, to secret societies and fraternities since the very beginning and the pre flood world with all of its tech.

There is nothing new under the sun including all of our tech and computers so the explanation of the nephilim somehow surviving the flood either on or of planet from their pre deluvial atlantis the elite and satanic slaves are trying to rebuild in the NWO and today almost all this filth connected to Egypt then and now filthy antichrist Egypt.

Egyptian monuments all over the world especially the western world obelisks and self love evolve or die today to Christian persecution to the rise of the fallen beast system the antichrist simply needs show up in and all are pre conditioned to accept him as its all already built for him and built and being built now while the world sleeps and ignorantly watches cheering them on destroying them through peace!