Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

Today we are going to fact check the fact checkers regarding many online reports that Bill Gates wants to implant microchips in people using vaccines to fight the coronavirus.

In this report we are going to focus on two articles that were published which claim to be the arbiters of truth, in these confusing times.

So, is the claim that Bill Gates wants to inject you with a vaccine that contains a microchip to track who has and has not been vaccinated true? Watch the report below and decide for yourself!

How a tech NGO got sucked into a COVID-19 conspiracy theory

False claim: Bill Gates planning to use microchip implants to fight coronavirus www.reuters.com

Reuters just got $10 billion to build a sustainable news business. How should it spend it? www.vox.com

Thomson Reuters closes deal with Blackstone www.reuters.com

Storing medical information below the skin’s surface news.mit.edu

Global Health Leaders Launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation www.gatesfoundation.org

Kiva and Gravity.Earth granted first ID2020 certifications for empowering users of digital ID technology

Only a Covid-19 vaccine will allow return to ‘normalcy’: UN chief www.straitstimes.com

US firm combines nanotechnology, blockchain for COVID-19 immunity passports www.ledgerinsights.com

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines www.biometricupdate.com

60 strong Self Sovereign Identity group targets COVID-19 immunity passports, credentials www.ledgerinsights.com

COVID Credentials Initiative www.covidcreds.com

Blockchain digital identity firm Bloom launches credit score reporting with TransUnion

Welcome the City of Austin to the ID2020 Alliance! medium.com

ID2020 Alliance Unveils Digital ID Program www.pymnts.com

ID2020 The Need for Good Digital ID is Universal id2020.org

BIS Papers No 106 The design of digital financial infrastructure: lessons from India

Task Force on Digital Financing of Sustainable Development Goals

UN SDG Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

New ID2020 Project to Build Biometric ID Program Around Infant Immunization

Bloomberg / MyPass /Austin Blockchain ID

GAVI The Vaccine Alliance

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