An explosive letter alleged to be written by a Facebook insider who was Mark Zuckerberg’s lover from their freshman year at Harvard was hand-delivered to a member of the Anonymous Patriot’s Conclave a few days ago and published on their American Intelligence Media website (aim4truth.org).

For those with any interest in knowing whether or not Mark Zuckerberg is really the boy-genius founder of Facebook and author of the essential computer source code that anchors today’s social media giants, calling this letter ‘explosive’ may even be an understatement.

In terms of its authenticity, AIM said this as a preamble to the letter:

American Intelligence Media has been able to quickly verify that many of the claims insinuated in this “Zuckerberg Dossier” are true and this leads us to conclude that the document is authentic and exactly what it appears to be. The true authorship of this Zuckerberg Dossier is evident to members of the Conclave, but that supposition is speculation and the Conclave does not deal in speculation. Though, if one were to listen carefully to the admission of guilt by Sean Parker (a long-time executive of Facebook) which he made repeatedly before the press, you will hear that Sean knew all about the true creation of the social media giant and its evil intents and fingers the culprits.

Therefore, it is not hard at all to figure out who may have written this expose on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook evil. You can even see the true motivation for writing this “tell all” about Zuckerberg at this time in history, just as Facebook is facing all kinds of charges, including  anti-trust violations.

From my perspective, I have tried to establish the credibility of this letter in terms of its consistency and its coherence with established facts, as well as with many of the other allegations surrounding this matter. Piecing together many aspects of this story, let’s see if we can arrive at a cohesive whole that appears to be the likeliest of explanations for what is going on now at Facebook and in the social media arena in general.


Our story starts with a project called ‘LifeLog,’ the handiwork of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which is the research arm of the U.S. Defense Department. In the spring of 2003, DARPA brought LifeLog into the public eye, after having undoubtedly worked on it in secret for a number of years. LifeLog “aimed to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, the e-mail sent and received. Out of this seemingly endless ocean of information, computer scientists would plot distinctive routes in the data, mapping relationships, memories, events and experiences. LifeLog’s backers said the all-encompassing diary could have turned into a near-perfect digital memory, giving its users computerized assistants with an almost flawless recall of what they had done in the past.” (source)

If the unveiling of LifeLog was a litmus test as to whether it would be met with public acceptance, it failed miserably. According to a Wired article entitled ‘Pentagon Kills Lifelog Project,’ “civil libertarians immediately pounced on the project, arguing that LifeLog could become the ultimate tool for profiling potential enemies of the state.” The article went on to announce the cancellation of the project, able to give only scant details behind this decision:

Researchers close to the project say they’re not sure why it was dropped late last month. Darpa hasn’t provided an explanation for LifeLog’s quiet cancellation. “A change in priorities” is the only rationale agency spokeswoman Jan Walker gave to Wired News.

The article was dated February 4th, 2004, less than a year after it had been launched. Remember that date.

The Creation of Facebook

Legend has it that Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at Harvard University purely from a result of pet projects founded in personal self-indulgence and computer programming genius. In part, this narrative was promulgated by the movie about this entitled ‘The Social Network.’

Here’s how the letter starts out:

To Every Facebook User,

Mark Zuckerberg, and all of us who were there from the beginning, are lying to you and using your personal life as a government-controlled experiment in brain-washing and mind-control – basically a weaponized system of the military (CIA especially) that got out of control. At this point, Mark Zuckerberg has lost control of a company that he never really owned or operated. Truly, anyone who has ever worked with Mark knows that his mind is a blank and that he is nothing more than a parrot for the government handlers who created him. Mark is incapable of running a McDonald’s, let alone one of the most powerful companies in the world. Not even his name is real and his identity has always been covered up. Mark was chosen as child for a CIA training program because his relatives were some of the people creating the program.

The letter explains how Larry Summers, president of Harvard University, created a kind of competition between teams of programmers to develop a social media site that was ultimately what DARPA created Lifelog for—”a cyber-weapon that could control the minds of anyone that could be lured into it.” It was not really made clear in the movie that Larry Summers was a main player behind the motivations of not only Zuckerberg but many other teams of students to build a social network platform, as he had actually created a competition that would supposedly award a government contract to the victor. As the letter explains, Zuckerberg was really instructed to see what the other groups were doing more than develop something on his own:

The Winkelvoss twins had developed their own version in the competition for the government contract, HC, that they changed to ConnectU. Aaron Greenspan was developing  HOUSE System, and Paul Ceglia was working with Mark to modify his StreetFax software into a Facebook too. Mark developed nothing. Absolutely nothing. Even the famous “hacking” of the Harvard systems was not done by Mark himself. Mark was the middleman for those who were the overseers of the “big project”, as it was called.

This letter details how Mark was always sure that “he was only ‘placed’ at Harvard ‘for a while’ until his ‘position’ became available to him. Mark was certain that this promise of a position included a great deal of money and power.” The “big project” really involved the powerful players behind the facade of this “school competition,” which was always designed to frame Mark Zuckerberg as the genius that would go on to solve the problem of “scalability,” which is the capacity for a single website to accommodate millions of users at the same time without crashing, the key to these modern social media sites.

In a deposition from the lawsuit brought on by the Winkelvoss twins, Zuckerberg claims to have been able to crack this problem and create the programming code that would be the foundation of Facebook “between a week and two weeks or so” while studying for finals. The credibility of this can pretty easily be brought into question in the next section.

Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies

Michael McKibben is a software developer who has had a long-standing lawsuit against Facebook. It asserts that Facebook stole the code from him and his company Leader Technologies. A lower court jury ruled that Facebook had in fact infringed on the Leader Technologies patent, but that the patent itself was invalid because Leader Technologies had sought to sell the technology before filing a patent application.

The main importance of the code that Leader Technologies developed is that it provided that scalability that would be required for social media sites in order to expand exponentially as demand dictated. While Mark Zuckerberg claims to have written it in a week or two, it is in fact complex code known to have been developed over years by a team at Leader Technologies, essentially proving that Mark Zuckerberg could not be the creator of Facebook. In fact, the letter states that Mark Zuckerberg does not really understand this code nor would he be able to write a coherent line of it.

So how did this code come into the possession of Mark Zuckerberg? As it happens, Michael McKibben’s son was at Harvard and was working on the Larry Summer’s social media competition, and McKibben sent an email to his son with a white paper containing the code attached. It is known that Zuckerberg actually participated in hacking the Harvard servers, and told MSNBC that “I believe when Zuckerberg hacked into servers at Harvard, he got a copy of the white paper.”

Professor James Chandler

It was only when so-called patent expert Professor James Chandler got involved, though, that the theft of scalability equations could be completed. McKibben says that Chandler came onto the scene and started working with Leader Technologies, with the promise of helping them with their patents and the marketing of their product. He was received by McKibben with open arms. However, instead of helping them secure their patents and create licenses for their software, Chandler stole the code and provided it to IBM, who reconstituted the code as “open source” and distributed it around the world.

It turns out that Chandler was a part of the Summers project all along, and may have been alerted by Zuckerberg’s access of McKibben’s white paper to go and steal the code from Leader Technologies. The letter states the following:

Chandler and Summers had selected Mark as their front-man to lie and claim that he had written the source code for scalability. Chandler explained that the government had seized the source code from an inventor and his company for use in the DARPA Harvard Facebook project. He explained in very flowery intellectual property theft language that Mark may get sued by the inventor, but that DARPA would shield him. Mark told them he was willing to take that chance.

Facebook As An Extension Of The LifeLog Project

The pieces of this puzzle all come together with the realization that those in power have long had a plan for cyber-surveillance and mind-control that sets the technological infrastructure for a totalitarian global state, and that creations like Facebook, as well as Google, Amazon, and Youtube, for that matter, are revealed as pieces or stages of this construction. The idea that some boy genius had created Facebook and as a result of his individual talents has become a powerful billionaire, akin to the ‘American Dream’ rags-to-riches tale, is in this case just a cover story allowing those in power to advance their agenda of control and enslavement within society.

The fact that Wired announced that ‘The Pentagon Killed the LifeLog Project’ on February 4th, 2004 is interesting, considering that Facebook is known to have started on that very date, as described in this meme.

It would not be a big stretch to simply say that once James Chandler and the powerful forces behind him assured themselves that the code he stole had been tested and would scale for Facebook to serve millions if not billions of users at the same time, it was just a matter of flipping the switch from LifeLog to Facebook. Allegations that many of the DARPA programmers that worked on LifeLog are now working for Facebook only support this contention.

The Takeaway

Like never before, allegations of deception and wrongdoing in the highest reaches of power are flooding out and being revealed, and there are no signs of it slowing down. In fact, we really need to be preparing ourselves for a virtual tsunami of information as the majority of those who have been kept silent through bribes, threats, and non-disclosure agreements really start to feel that it is becoming safe for them to open up. Here at CE we really encourage our readers to see things in the context of the bigger picture, and from a place in consciousness above the fray. In doing so, rather than being angered or depressed by revelations of wrongdoing and enslavement, we can feel empowered to be an active part of the awakening and liberation of humanity.

Mark, Nick, and Sheryl Sandberg hanging out, probably planning ultimate censorship of patriots and conservatives.


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