Facebook Has A Secret Second News Feed That’s Completely Different

Bored of your Facebook News Feed? Want to spice things up? The social media company is testing a secret second version of it – and you can start using it now.

The secondary News Feed is currently being tested in the beta version of the app on Android, but some users have reported seeing the change on iOS in January.

In the latest update, your regular News Feed remains as your home page, or the ‘Home’ tab, and the new version is under the ‘Explore’ tab.

Basically, it’s a combination of photos, videos and articles tailored to the user’s likes and interests based on pages the user has – and hasn’t – liked.

The secondary News Feed tab seems to be a way for users to engage with pages and people that they haven’t liked or befriended based on personal preferences.

It seems to be a source of recommendations based on what Facebook thinks the user will like – a way to get you trying new things outside of your inner social media circle. Or, explore, as the tab is called.

It may also go forward as a way to personalize your News Feed.

While Facebook often tests several updates, both Android and iOS owners have reported seeing the ‘Explore’ tab, so it may soon be time to say goodbye to your regular News Feed, and hello to a new, more personalized one.