Facebook Beta Testing Online Publisher “Kill Switch”


Over the last several days, Facebook has been beta testing a “kill switch” that caused articles from online publishers to be blocked from social sharing. Complaints poured  and other independent publishers such as Western Journalism, which wrote an article entitled Multiple Reports: Facebook Blocking Links To Online Publishers.

“Western Journalism received several messages from users who stated they were unable to share or view our content. At the same time, social media users began venting their frustration via Twitter posts,” says the article. “Another conservative publisher, National Review, also noticed a steep decline in visits.”

Censoring independent media is all about “manufactured consensus”

Facebook is, of course, an extension of the oligarch-ruled surveillance state that now dominates American society. In this surveillance state, “manufactured consensus” is engineered on all the big agendas — war, vaccines, immigration, etc. — by the gatekeepers of the internet censoring the truth and spreading lies.

Google, for example, recently partnered with the Mayo Clinic to take over all the top health-related search results, replacing merit-based health results with pharma-controlled Mayo Clinic propaganda that promotes chemotherapy, deadly prescription drugs, surgery and radiation.

Similarly, Wikipedia, co-founded by Jimmy Wales — now outed as a “porn king” who ran a porn site before erecting the Wikipedia slander engine — is almost entirely controlled by biotech trolls and pharmaceutical vandals who use the site to push pro-industry propaganda disguised as “encyclopedia” information. (Wikipedia isn’t an encyclopedia. It’s a collection of propaganda and defamation pages edited by corporate-funded trolls who hide behind anonymity.)

Amazon.com’s Alexa web traffic ranking engine was caught late last year penalizing prominent conservative and independent websites. One day, all the sites were suddenly penalized by a shift in the algorithm that favored liberal and progressive websites touting the party line (big government, more vaccines, more debt, more war, and so on).


Facebook, Google and Wikipedia all conspire against the truth

The pattern emerging in all this is that gatekeepers of the internet have an intense hatred for truthful information, and they are working diligently to silence all independent sources of information that engage in real investigative journalism and skeptical scientific questioning of the medical status quo.

They will use all their power of censorship, “cheating” their algorithms and outright blocking targeted websites in order to prop up Big Pharma, Big Government and the corporate-government fascist agenda of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, war and social dependence on the system.

Facebook, it seems, may be beta-testing an algorithm that allows it to throw a “kill switch” that blocks independent media publishers from sharing anything. This would, of course, immediately crush web traffic for many of those sites. Government propaganda from the CDC, FTC, FBI or other agencies, however, would be granted full access with unrestricted content flow across all Facebook.com users.

In essence, Google, Facebook and Wikipedia now function as the Ministry of Truth Triad from George Orwell’s 1984. If this gets any more Orwellian, we might soon see Americans forced at gunpoint to watch official vaccine “re-education videos” featuring Elmo.

The good news in all this? Alternatives now exist for all these corrupt gatekeepers

But there’s good news in all this: Alternatives either already exist for all these services, or they are about to be launched.

Tired of your email being read by the NSA? Dump gmail and use StartMail.com, Unseen.is, Hushmail or other private email services.

Tired of Google? Soon I’m launching a new, independent search engine in a few weeks which, for many users, will make Google utterly obsolete. In my new search engine, all corporate propaganda and government disinfo is banned from the start.

Stay tuned for that announcement next week…

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