Extremely Rare 9/11 Footage That Was Never Aired On TV

We all know that 9/11 in itself is surrounded by mysteries. A lot of things do not add up and evidence has been shown time and time to prove it.

Back in 2005, a documentary that came out shook the controversy even more. This documentary was by Richard A. Siegel and titled ‘9/11 Eyewitness’ as he was exactly that. This documentary was one of the first of many documentaries in regards to critiquing the narrative behind 9/11 itself. As you will see below the footage captured during this terrible event stands out big time.

While you will never see mainstream media showing off this video, it is a very prominent piece when it comes to breaking things down. As you can see in this video some things are just not adding up. Pay close attention to the things said in this video as it breaks things down a bit.

Things like this go against what narrative has been pushed and as long as we accept that narrative things like this will remain in the dark. I personally do not think we will ever truly know what happened on that day. The truth in itself has been thrown away and those in charge have covered up everything as best they can. While we may learn some of the truth the whole story will never fully be present.

Some think it was all some kind of money scheme and others think it was our government pushing the war on terror, perhaps it was both? A report from just a couple years back even concluded that total collapse would not have been possible from what is claimed to have caused it. Controlled demolition really seems to be the most likely possibility.

While the events of that day are horrendous regardless of who carried them out and for what reason it is heartbreaking to think about. This is something we should never stop touching on. Questioning things is the only way any information will come about.