Exclusive: The Only Writings Left By The True Builders of The Pyramid Decoded

There are the entrances to the pyramids we all know and then there are those which are hidden from the public. Above the hidden ones, the real ones, there are 4 mysterious symbols which have puzzled scientists since their discovery.

No archaeologist has ever been able to decode the meaning of these symbols and they’ve always assumed them to be irrelevant, carved by an anonymous artist, without any special significance.

However, this opinion was not shared by independent researcher Jean Seimple, who was also the man that discovered the secret of the Greenwich meridian – that it indicated the current location of Atlantis. He’s also the man who was able to decode these mysterious symbols and is certain that they are the only authentic and unique signs, left by the true builders of the pyramid!

To everyone’s surprise, it was discovered that these symbols were actually quite important and were relaying the most important message that the builders of the pyramid wanted to convey. As always, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is the builders of the pyramid’s signature.

Since they were highly intelligent they realized that if they engrave these 4 signs on a granite plaque and cut them to perfection, they would be the subject of vandalism, pillage and censorship … but presenting them as a simple graffiti, incomprehensible and imperceptible would make them unimportant and allow them to persevere the challenges.

The values of the angles matches the axis of rotation of our planet exactly (Earth’s obliquity oscillates between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees, ~23.25° today) and which engenders the precession and confirms the what Jean Seimple initially claimed, that it was, more exactly, the plane of the ecliptic that had been modified.

” Here is a very interesting reflection that will allow us to grasp once again the incredible intelligence of the builders to convey to us what happened in a very detailed way.

If the axis of rotation of our planet was modified by 6 °, then the terrestrial equator should also have been inclined by 6 °.

Then why did the builders not indicate to us, thanks to the positions of ancient archaeological sites, the location of this Equator tilted of 6 °? Because this builders wanted to draw our attention on the plane of the ecliptic and to signify that it was him who was modified of 6 °.”

The scientific study from July 24, 2016, only confirms what the builders of the pyramid wanted to convey some millennia ago.

Prior work found that the zone in which the eight major planets orbit the sun is tilted by about 6 degrees compared to the sun’s equator. This discrepancy has long been a mystery in astronomy.”

This means that the entire solar system has lost itself by 6 ° not just our planet Earth.