Exclusive Footage Shows Mysterious Projectile Starting Deadly California Wildfire

Weather modification, also known as climate intervention, is not the hair-brained concoction of some half-baked conspiracy theorist. It’s really happening all around us every single day of our lives to one extent or another.

There’s even a weather modification Council. This is www.nawmc North American Weather Modification Council.

They say the mission of the North American Weather Modification Council (NAWMC) is to advance the proper use of weather modification technologies through education, promotion and research. The Council serves as a forum for the exchange of information on weather modification issues; to promote the effective use of these technologies to enhance precipitation, suppress damaging hail, and mitigate fog; and to advance research and development activities to increase scientific knowledge about weather modification capabilities.

There is no doubt that there are deeper branches of weather modification that use classified technologies to intervene in the weather. The question is…Have we been witnessing the horrible effects of that intervention with the Hurricanes and floods on the east coast and the raging fires in the west? And why isn’t anyone on mainstream media throwing weather modification activities on the table as something to be considered on their broadcasts. Why aren’t they talking about Directed Energy Weapons? I think we know the answer to that. news (clip)

Here’s what Lockheed martin has to say about their Directed Energy weapons technology. Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Test High Energy Asset system, also known as ATHENA, is a prototype laser weapon system that is designed to defeat close-in, low-value threats such as improvised rockets, unmanned aerial systems, vehicles and small boats. ATHENA is a transportable, ground-based system that serves as a low-cost test bed for demonstrating technologies required for military use of laser weapon systems. A ruggedized variant of the system would be suitable for military operations.

Governments will use whatever technology is available to them, to take down their primary enemy. Which is their own population.

Its a dog and pony, WWE world where the elites have mastered the art of implementing the Hegalian dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution. They create a problem, await the anticipated fear-based reaction from the public and step in to offer the pre-planned solution. That’s how you keep the masses in line.

And the scale at which they operate is beyond our comprehension.

This comes from Mike Morales YouTube channel. This guy does an incredible amount of research to bring his audience information about what’s really going on in the world in a very straightforward way. I’ll drop his link in the description below…take a look at his content and if you think about subscribing to his channel tell him HighImpactVlogs sent ya. Check out what he says about what may have started the Pardadise California fire that devastated that entire town and killed so many people. I guarantee you will not see this on mainstream news…there are people out there I’m sure that will wanna cover this up.

Again guys I’ll drop the Mike Morales link in the description so you can check out the entire video and give him some love.

This woman made it, but like I showed you a couple of videos ago… there were many others who weren’t so fortunate. There are hundreds missing and some were burned alive as their bodies turned to ash in their own vehicles.

Guys there’s some seriously evil crap going on in this world. Keep your eyes open, live right, get to know and lend a hand to your neighbors… and never stop seeking truth.