Ex-Minister Reveals How Government ‘Covered Up’ UFO Landings

The idea that the US government, in league with other governments, works actively to hide the fact aliens from outer space are visiting us has taken a firm grip on the Internet, as well as in popular movies like Men In Black and Independence Day. This has even resulted in the formation of a branch of UFO research called ‘exopolitics’.

Rather than trying to scientifically prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft, exopolitics takes this as a proven fact. Using this foundation, it is the goal of exopolotics to explore and obtain as much evidence as possible about this conspiracy, and to put pressure on world governments to disclose the truth about UFOs.

Debbie Foch, a project coordinator for the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) project, tells UNILAD they have collected:

 …documented interviews from about 70 witnesses from military and government projects, who will testify under oath about what they know about government (US and other countries) involvement with the UFO and ET subject. These witnesses report that the government does know that the craft and their occupants are here visiting this planet, and that they have been tracking the objects, retrieving crashes, and reverse engineering the technologies.


One of these whistle blowers was the late Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, a member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council, who published some shocking revelations in his book The Day After Roswell. In this, he claims that the Roswell crash was of an extraterrestrial craft and that scientific study of the wreckage led to the creation of the transistor.

In the 1960s, Corso worked as the Chief of the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology unit where he dealt with a mixture of recovered alien and Soviet technology for further development. This work initiated the production of lasers, night-vision equipment and particle-beam weaponry for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) project.

According to Corso, abductions began in the 1950s, and these aliens are genetically-engineered for space travel. Like many other whistle blowers, he states that the Nazis recovered an alien saucer in World War II and were close to learning its secrets. The frustrating thing with Corso’s book is that it is poorly referenced and there is no independent confirmation for his sweeping, earth-shattering allegations.

Another insider who believes governments are hiding the truth is Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister of Defense. Speaking to UNILAD he said:

Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after.

Hellyer says these events caused the US to create a ‘shadow government’ that runs black operations installations, creating new forms of energy using extra-terrestrial technology.

“I do not have proof of that”, he admits. “But I believe that they have developed energy sources, and publicly I’m saying that if they do not exist in commercial form, that extraterrestrials would certainly give us that information if we would ask them for it, and stop shooting at them.”

Mark Pilkington, author of Mirage Men, tells me he isn’t impressed by whistleblowers’ stories. According to him:

Corso and others are simply repeating elements of the Roswell myth that have been circulating since the 1970s. He may well have heard it from someone whose opinion he respected and believed in the military, and had elements of it corroborated by others. These are rumours and beliefs which circulate within the closed environments of military organisations and occasionally seep out into the eager hands of the UFO community, and then on to the wider media.

People in positions of real power in the US and elsewhere hold all sorts of strange beliefs, whether they be about god, society, race, science or the economy. Doesn’t mean that we should believe them unless they can back up their claims.

Nick Pope, who ran the UK Ministry of Defence’s UFO project, agrees:

Having investigated UFOs for the British government I can say with hand on heart that there’s no cover-up in the sense that people in the UFO and conspiracy theory communities believe. There’s no ‘smoking gun’. We don’t have any ‘you can take that to the bank’ proof that UFOs are extraterrestrial, and we certainly don’t have any alien spacecraft hidden away in air force hangars.

“That said, I know die-hard conspiracy theorists won’t believe me, not least because I’ve been accused of being part of the cover-up myself”, he adds. “Even though I left the MoD in 2006 a lot of people think I’m still secretly working for the government.”

Nonetheless, Mark Pilkington, notes that governments have not been shy at using the belief in UFOs to cover-up all manner of sensitive military secrets, adding that: “I think US government agencies began creating deceptions around the UFO issue as far back as the alleged crash of a UFO at Maury Island, Washington State, in 1947”.

On the question of what they are trying to hide, whether it’s evidence of alien contact or something less (or maybe more) sinister, Mark is adamant there are more logical explanations:

I think that the UFO mythology has been used, for seven decades, as a convenient cover for all manner of clandestine operations, including test flights of new aircraft, unmanned drones (which have been flying in one form or another since the 1930s), satellites, rockets, and undercover investigations by the various intelligence agencies.

Nick Pope, adds:

Belief in a UFO cover-up arises for several reasons. Firstly, TV shows like The X-Files promote the idea of an official conspiracy and some people end up believing that this fiction reflects reality. Secondly, governments have been defensive about the subject, often simply because of the embarrassment of having to say there are occasionally things in our airspace that we can’t identify.

Thirdly, some UFO sightings are generated by secret prototype aircraft and drones – either our own, or ones being operated by other nations. Finally, most countries that have had official UFO projects have embedded this work in their air force or their MoD, and these are inherently secretive organisations.

“None of this is to say that we don’t have some interesting things in our UFO files, including plenty of sightings that were investigated and assessed as ‘unknown’”, Nick continues. “But ‘unknown’ doesn’t mean extraterrestrial, and there are plenty of legitimate reasons why documents about UFOs can be classified, e.g. if they detail the capabilities of military radar systems, or discuss methods and sources of obtaining information from other nations.”

Will there ever be full disclosure? Mark Pilkington is doubtful:

The Extraterrestrial lobbyists will only be satisfied if the US government, who they are convinced lies about everything else, tells them what they want to hear, which is that they have alien spacecraft and bodies, perhaps a live alien, living under the Nevada desert and ready to go on the talk show circuit.

The irony is that when governments tell the truth and reveal the contents of their once-classified UFO files, which many of them now have, demonstrating that they have don’t have much more of a clue about UFOs and ET visitors than anyone else – though they do have a pretty good idea of what is flying in our skies – the Disclosure lobby don’t believe them. So they can’t win.

So it seems like the truth is still out there. What do you think?