Evidence To Show The Mayans Were Helped By Aliens

There are a number of rumors surrounding the Mayan people and aliens. Like the Egyptians, many people believe the civilization was visited by extraterrestrials and this gallery has the evidence to prove it all.

1. The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan had a calendar that predicted that accurately predicted every lunar eclipse, but how did they know this? They would have had to have advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics so there’s only one answer: they were visited by aliens.

1. Mayan Texts

Mayan believed that aliens existed as some of their texts state: “Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth’s round surface.” This proves that they were visited by all-knowing aliens who helped them.

3. Astronomy

The Mayans, like the Egyptians, had an advanced knowledge of astronomy. They studied the stars, constellations and planets, and certain events in the Mayan’s life were planned to coincide with celestial moments. For example, they wouldn’t go to war until the Gods were in place.

4. Undiscovered Planets

The Mayans knew about undiscovered planets long before humans knew of them many centuries later. They would have needed some ‘outside expertise’ to find out information about these planets and who better to help them than aliens?!

5. Pyramids

Just like the Egyptians, scientists and historians are completely baffled over how the Mayan were able to create pyramids using the big concrete blocks that would have been far too heavy for them to carry and no technology to help them. Unless aliens did, of course.

6. The Shapes

In Mexico you can also get pyramids that are round in shape or have rounded corners. How were the Mayan people able to cut the concrete into shape? Let’s not forget that the shapes created by the Mayan were always perfect.

7. World’s Pyramids Are Similar

8. All Pyramids Are Aligned

There are pyramids located all over the world and all of them can line up, making a circle. The middle of the projection lines up with the axis point in southeastern Alaska and from the axis point, the distance to each pyramid is exactly the same.

9. The GODS

The Mayans, as well as the Egyptians, have stated that the Gods came down from the sky with instructions for them to build the pyramids. Who were the Gods? Aliens of course! They made first contact and wanted monuments built for them.

10. Kukulkan

Kukulkan is a Mayan serpent-like deity who is also known as Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs. People believe that Kukulkan was a galactic visitor who taught them agriculture, mathematics, medicine and astronomy, giving them advanced knowledge to build the calendar.

11. Proof Of Aliens

Many inscriptions in Mayan temples depict strange looking figures and machines. Scientists are baffled about the designs and can’t make sense of it. However, other people believe that they confirm the existence of alien life.

12. In Modern Day

It seems that Mexico, the area where the Mayans predominated, has been the location of hundreds and hundreds of UFO sightings. There have been countless images and videos of UFO sightings all over Mexico.

13. Why

Historians and scientists believe that the UFOs spotted around Mexico are in fact trying to find their roots, their old temples and monuments but because of the modernization, the aliens feel lost and confused and are having a harder time ‘finding home’.

14. The Disappearances

The Mayan are famous for their disappearance. It happened suddenly and historians have no idea what happened to the civilisation as there are next to no records of them. Some scientists, however, have theories centred around the Mayan people.

15. The Aliens Took Them Back

Historians and scientists believe that the Mayan people and aliens developed a close bond together and the reason the Mayan people disappeared was because the aliens took them all back into space.

16. Ancient Artifacts

The Mexican government released information about ancient Mayan artefacts that was previously hidden from the public. The artifacts depict strange alien-looking people proving that the Mayan people must have met them.

17. The Discs Show Spaceship

Some of the artifacts found among st the collection describe alien life. One of the disks featured art that represented alien spaceships flying to Earth. If you look, number one is thought to be Earth, two is a spaceship, three is a meteor, four is a spacecraft made to hit the meteor, five is an astronaut controlling the spacecraft and six is another spacecraft.

18. Landing Pads

The collection of artefacts also featured landing pads that are around 3,000 years old. The landing pads were used by the aliens whenever they had to fly around in their spaceships and were left behind when they left Earth and went back into space.

19. Alien Faces

A lot of the artefacts depict strange alien-like faces. They all have thin mouths, long thin noses and bulbous and slanted eyes. It’s alleged that the faces were created by the Mayans because they wanted a record of their extraordinary encounter with aliens.

20. The Depictions


A lot of the other artifacts featured alien-looking figures crouching in spaceships suggesting that this is how the aliens traveled to Earth and how the Mayan people met them. Again, the artifacts are a big departure from their usual symbols.

21. Technology

The artifacts also portray what looks like alien technology. Some depict spaceships floating in space with planets hiding in the background, others show large contraptions that we really don’t understand. But what we do know, is that the Mayan people were most probably visited by aliens…

22. King Of The Stars

Throughout Mayan history, many of their rulers claimed to have descended from the stars and other planets. Though there has yet to be any scientific or accurate explanation for this, it was a popular belief that many Mayan tribes had.

23. K’inich Janaab’Pakal

King K’inich Janaab’Pakal of Palenque was one such Mayan King. He claimed to have come from the stars and came to the throne when he was only 12-years-old. Pakal ruled for 68 years until his death at the age of 80.

24. A Long Lifetime


It might not sound strange at first, but back then Pakal lived for a very long time. There were no modern medicines back then so the fact that he lived so long is surprising, unless of course, he really was an alien with advanced technology and medicine.

25. Janaab’ Pakal Tomb

What’s even more peculiar however, is that when Pakal was buried in his tomb, a unique and very strange design was carved into the lid of his sarcophagus. You might have seen the image before, but what exactly does it mean?

26. The Lid

The design allegedly shows the King in a cockpit, wearing an oxygen mask on his face with levers in his hands and pedals at his feet. Many believe that the detailed inscription depicts the King returning back to his home planet where he was originally from.

27. Pakal’s Body Is Missing

The most interesting part of this whole mystery, is the fact that Pakal’s body remains missing. Despite being buried in his tomb, and it being sealed since 683 AD, there is no body. Scientists state that there is no evidence of theft or tampering.

28. Where Did Pakal’s Body Go?

Many believe that instead of being buried in his own tomb, Pakal actually did jet off to his home planet. It explains the inscription placed on Pakal’s sarcophagus, as Mayan people often drew what they saw.

29. Pakal Was An Ancient Alien

The fact that Pakal’s body was missing along with the unique inscription on his sarcophagus suggests one thing: he was an ancient alien. This proves that the aliens did visit Earth and left their mark on the planet.

30. Mayans Recorded These Events

Scientists have declared that the Mayans used their temples to record these strange and unbelievable events for the generations that followed in the hope that Pakal, and many more aliens, would eventually return once more.