Every Time He Gets To A Hotel, He Places A Bag Over The Drain and Weighs It Down With Coins

Whether you travel a lot for business or just stay at a hotel during your vacations, we all could benefit from a little insight into how to get the most out of the hotels of the world. Sometimes we check into our hotel room and are a bit disappointed with the features and the experience. Below you’ll learn some tricks to keep your hotel stay up to par. Print this list out today and bring it with you during your next hotel weekend. It will definitely make the experience much nice for you and your traveling companions.

Instead of spending quality vacation time ironing your wrinkled clothes, this hotel hack can get you out the door in minutes. Simply put your wrinkled shirts on a hanger and place it in the bathroom. When you take a shower, the steam will work with gravity to help remove the wrinkles.

If your hotel air condition isn’t up to par, grab a towel and dampen it with cold water. Place it near the cracked open window or the air conditioner to infuse the chilly droplets into the room.

Shower caps have more use than one. After your trip is over and it’s time to pack, wrap your dirty shoes or clothes in the shower caps to prevent grime from getting over your suitcase.

Instead of spending an arm and a leg on room service, make your own food. With basic planning, you can save tons of money and have a home-cooked meal on the road.

Have kids but refuse to rent a second room or shell out money on the pull out bed? You can use pillows to divide a queen bed into what seems like two twins so your kids can share.

Light sleepers hate hotel stays. Block noise with a rolled towel at the crack of the door. This blocks both some sound and the annoying hallway light.

If you’re plans get rained out, use some painters tape on the rug to mark out fun routes so your children can play.

Some hotel curtains block light out like the night. Others stink. Use a coat hanger to pull them closed so you don’t see dawn before you’re ready to.

The in-room ironing board works well as a makeshift table for your kids.

Running late but hungry? Use the coffee pot to boil water for oatmeal or other instant meals.

Don’t bother bringing an extra phone charger. So long as you have your USB cord, you should be able to plug it into the hotel’s television.

Baby changing in a hotel room can be messy. Change the desk into the baby changing station instead.

Diapers pile up fast. Store them in the plastic laundry bag provided and dump them at the end of your stay or when the smell gets to be too much.

Pack your bag with loose fabric softener sheets to give your clothes a fresh out of the laundry smell.

Don’t pay for WiFi. Instead use your smartphone as a personal WiFi hotspot.

Use the clothing clips in your luggage to keep your toothbrush elevated away from germs.

No one wants to do laundry on vacation, but if you have to – put a plastic bag over the tub’s drain and drop coins into it. This weighs it down so water won’t leak while you scrub.