Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Fully Enclosed

Public bathrooms are always a gamble, it’s part of being a public bathroom. People all have their own thoughts, feelings, and preferences when it comes to public bathrooms ranging from not being bothered by them, to not even being able to go into one.

They, by nature of being public cannot be structured the same way that our at home bathrooms are because they serve a certain number of people at a time. They have to be easy to clean and styles that make it easier for number of people to use at the same time. Have you ever wondered why the stall doors go all the way up to the ceiling or down to the floor?

One of the big reasons that the stall doors do not extend fully to the top or the bottom is in case of emergency. It makes harder to assault someone because other people can see and hear what is going on and in case there is an emergency where someone needs help it makes it easier to identify which stall they are in.

It is also an attempt at giving less room to write graffiti on the stall doors and walls because there is less real estate for them to work with. As anyone that has been in a public bathroom can tell you, it still happens. Another reason is to prevent people from getting too physical with each other in the stalls. Somehow I think people who are already willing to hook up in a public bathroom stall are not too worried about the stall lengths.

The half doors also mean a lot less work for maintenance staff that are in charge of the bathroom, who have to deal with a lot already it being a public bathroom.

The half doors are much easier to install and maintain than a full length door making them much preferable to be put into public bathrooms.

We have all been in a situation where there is a massive line up going outside the bathroom to be able to use it, especially if you are a woman. The short doors help you to see which stall is occupied or not making the line move faster.

There is nothing worse then caught in the toilet, without any toilet paper! It sucks at home or in public doesn’t matter where you are!

Well, in public bathrooms the space at the bottom makes it easier to pass toilet paper if you or someone else finds themselves in need.