Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Are White In Color?

How comfortable life has been with the aid of air transport. Just book your flight tickets and within minutes you can be in an entirely different place. This has been the tremendous power of Air transport. But have you ever given a thought during your safe air journey as to why the airplanes are always painted white in color?

So, we have a few practical reasons to explain you this undiscovered and interesting fact.

First of all, ‘White’ is ‘Evergreen’ color.


The above picture is of TWA L1011, which is parked since 15 years. What my point is that usually dark colors fade away sooner, but white takes the time to fade away. Dark colors fade away when exposed more to the sun, and when we talk about traveling in the air, it’s like about being 30,000 ft. in the sky which in turn means more proximity with the UV radiations. White is a color which is easy to maintain and clean and comparatively looks better than the other colors when fades.

More colors tend to more operational cost.


It is a fact that more the colors you want in your painting more will be the operational cost for it. Painting a plane may range from $50k to $200k. It is evident you see that the more you want something to look attractive, you will have to spend more pennies for the same.

White has extreme thermal advantages.


Science suggests that other colors absorb more wavelengths of light and thus make the object warmer soon, but white reflects all other wavelengths of light, and so the light is not converted into heat. The plus point of this factor is that due to this thermal advantage of white, the airplane cabins are slightly cooler!

White is more ‘visible’.


A very general reason is the visibility factor of white. A dark spot of badly eaten tomato soup can be easily visible on a white jeans. Right? Similarly, any corrosion, cracks, fissures can be easily spotted on a plane that is colored white. White can be easily spotted in the sky as well as on the ground.

White has the least resale value.


If an airplane is painted in a color other than white, it may affect its resale value in the future. Owners have to repaint the airplane and then sell it. But with white, merely changing the company name and logo would work easily. Thus white is more economical.

The advantage with lease terms and conditions.


It is surprisingĀ but the majority of the airline companies don’t own any aircraft. Most of the passenger airplanes are leased by the airlines from big plane leasing companies, and so it is easier to lease a standard white airplane and then just change its logo.