Ever Wondered What That Convex Mirror Is Doing Next To Your ATM Machine?


ATM or Cash machine, we are all aware of this thing and its use. You might be knowing everything about the utilization of the machine and how it works, but did you ever wonder about this convex mirror that is placed around your ATM? No?

First ATM was installed in?


It was installed in Enfield Town, North London in the year 1967.

Let’s start with a fact!

ATM is also known as Automated Teller Machine, and there are more than 3 million cash machines installed worldwide.

Ever wondered why ATMs have only four digit PIN?


The man who created ATM was suffering from Dyscalculia because he couldn’t remember more than four digits, so he decided to give it only four digits code.

Ever wondered what would happen if someone steals the ATM?

Even banks are robbed, then how come ATMs always escape robbery? Well, ATM’s come with an in-built GPS system which enables the bank to locate its exact location. So, thieves cannot go far.

There’s something different about ATMs in Brazil.

Brazilian people do not trust ATM pins; they use fingerprints and biometrics to withdraw money. Wow!

When did the ATM system come to India?

When did the ATM system come to India?

1986! ATMs came to India in the year 1986, and were first installed in Mumbai by HSBC.

The most important!

Have you ever wondered about what this convex mirror is doing next to your ATM? You think it’s a camera? Well, I am sorry to say, but you are wrong.

These convex mirrors are placed there for a reason. Convex mirror is used in vehicles, and at the junctions often. It creates a wider field of view which enables you to see the people behind and beside you clearly. While using your ATM and especially when you input the PIN, there might be a chance of someone keeping an eye on your card and pin.

Next time when you visit the ATM, look for this convex mirror and make sure that no one is peeping through your shoulder.

Amazing! Isn’t it? Now, you know most of the basic things about ATM and something that not many people would know in your group. Go out and flaunt this piece of information.




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