Esports is coming out from the pandemic – who will be the first to gather viewers?

It seems that esports fans are more united than ever – almost everyone is waiting for LAN events to return like the breath of fresh air because the discussion of matches between teams has not been making the past stir for a few months. Now, many countries start reducing the previously introduced restrictions actively, which provides hope that esports will return to arenas before the end of this summer. 

ESL One Rio 2020

The world championship in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most anticipated CS:GO tournaments. If the organizers manage to host the event offline, the Major might be even the most emotional one in history. On the other side, the opportunity to see the desired LAN on the Atlantic beach can be in danger – Brazil holds the leading places in the world by the number of new cases of COVID-19. Considering these sad thoughts, the only thing we have to enjoy now is regional online leagues.

ESL One: Cologne 2020 

Meanwhile, there is promising news from Germany. The tournament operator ESL is seriously considering the possibility to gather teams under one roof in Cologne in the last week of August. The company has stated that it will use any chance to organize the full LAN event if there is such an opportunity.

The ESL representative has confirmed that the prize pool of the event will amount to $1,000,000, for which 16 teams will be fighting. 10 tournament slots will be up for grabs in the qualifiers. The organization has also added that the competition will be hosted in any case – if the positive dynamic with the reduction of new cases changes its direction radically, the event will be divided into online competitions, which have become traditional recently.

ESL Pro League Season 12 

Unlike the 11th season, the 12th series of competitions is set to be hosted in the LAN format. After all, it is worth to consider the prior Cologne 2020, which is scheduled a weak earlier. If the Cologne tournament is held in the LAN format, EPL S12 could be expected to watch offline. 24 teams should take part in the tournament, 17 of which are already known.

The CIS region is now only represented by Na’Vi but Europe has two more slots, which will be up for grabs online. ESL says that the alternative option to the LAN is online competitions in separate regions: Europe, Asia and Oceania, and also North and South America.

The International 2020

The anniversary Dota 2 tournament in The International series has been awaited since the end of the ninth one. There were big expectations from Valve, which was supposed to see something new, besides Battle Pass, and the desire to see the prize pool of about 50 million dollars.

Actually, the event is postponed until 2021, in which The International 11 is scheduled. Yes, Valve wants to host the tournament in the LAN format, which is logical. But why don’t they postpone the event in December and organize the anniversary New Year “The International”?

The hype around this tournament would be even bigger and the summer TI-2021 would be pretty logical and expected. Now, there is a feeling that the American developers are trying to make the most of the situation but their tries to meet the community’s big expectations cause a lot of skepticism more frequently and minimal positive reactions.