Eskimos Warn The World and NASA: Global Warming Is A Lie, The Earth Moves, The Sun Does Not Go On The Same Side

Eskimos living in the Arctic Canada, the US and Greenland had its own forecast, which was made on the basis of looking at the sky, the stars.

They recently sent an alarming warning of NASA and the world in which warn that global warming is a lie, manipulate, that any global warming is not the cause of climate applied and natural disasters.

They claim that the earth is “moved” to be “shaken” or be “bent” to the north, leading to “change the sky.”

Older Eskimos, or elders, warned NASA of the fact that the sun no longer comes in the same place that used to protrude.

They warned that the days were longer than ever before in history, and claim that the situation changed and the stars and the moon, which according to them is the real reason for the change in temperatures and high winds that have emerged in the past around the planet.

All elders agree that the reason for such change is pushing the country to the north. Apart Eskimos, already was call people from all over the world who claim the same. Earth Pomerania and Sun comes out of the same place.

Supposedly media claim that scientists at NASA are very concerned, but no one responds to these alarming warnings, but placed the theory of “climate change.” They either do not know the cause, which would mean that there is a God warning, or know the reason but hide.

One thing is certain, elders who are trying, unfortunately difficult to reach out to the public is united and say, “Folks, the sky changing! Something dangerous is happening to our planet”.