Enoch Reveals The Prison For Fallen Angels Is Antarctica

Almost everything you’ve been told, almost everything you’ve heard since the time you were a child….. Is a LIE….. an untruth….. a Fabrication created and perpetuated by a lying system, under the control of the fallen angel Lucifer.

Enoch And The Lie About Angels Why was the Book of Enoch removed around 500 years ago? Was it because the religious leaders wanted to hide something too terrifying from the church?

A scientific discovery may have just discovered the prison of the fallen watchers in Antarctica, which points to a prophecy in the book of Enoch detailing the release of these creatures in the ‘Year of Mystery’. Could this be the year of mystery? Find out here!

If this is before their appointed time to be released, then no; man should be able to melt the entire continent and those angels will stay imprisoned. Now, on the other hand; if the appointed time is caused by man’s doing, then yes they will be released and we will witness major Prophecy fulfillment. Man playing with the Spiritual realm is beyond dangerous and defies God. He is coming.

The book of Enoch freed me from my frustrations brought upon me from politicians as Enoch showed me their fate. Now I am calm and politics has no control over me anymore.

See the video below titled “Why They REMOVED The Book Of Enoch ” to get a better understanding why this book was taken out of the bible.

The Book of Enoch Complete

By Eddie Levin