Elephant Poachers Receive Nasty Surprise When Their Would Be Victims Do THIS

An elephant poacher was brutally trampled to death, and another seriously injured, by a wild elephant during an attempt to kill the majestic animals.

Taking place near the Thattekkad bird sanctuary in India, a total of four gang members entered the region but were surprised when the elephant appeared standing in the road before them.

The entire incident was described by the surviving two members of the gang. They said that their 26-year-old friend Tony died after being trampled to death by the massive mammal.

Elephants left for dead by poachers

At some point during the fray, Tony’s firearms was also accidentally discharged, shooting him in the thigh.

Among the wounded was another poacher, Basil, who was left seriously injured. He was admitted to a local hospital and is in critical condition.

Officials from the area have opened a case against the gang members, citing the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. Hunting weapons and equipment were recovered from the scene of the attack.

Although some might have pity for the poachers, others view it as a form of karma for engaging in the barbaric practice of elephant hunting.

Recently, in the United States, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission concocted a horrific plan to kill over 100 mountain lions and bears—all so that hunters have more deer to kill for themselves.


The Indian Express

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