El Paso Releases Video of Cop Executing Handcuffed Man

If after watching this horrifying video you don’t come to the conclusion that there is something really wrong with the way our so-called peace officers are being trained to deal with the public that they swore an oath to protect and serve, then there is truly no hope to stop this countries downward spiral into a totalitarian police state that would make Mao Tse-tung proud.

ON March 8, 2013 In what can only be described as an execution, Officer Flores shot and killed unarmed handcuffed man by shooting him in the shoulder during a scuffle with him. Now granted, the man was a body builder, and was obviously stronger than the average bear, but that does not give officer Flores the right to shoot him because he can’t control him.  As you watch this video, please also take into account that officer Flores then falsified his police report to cover up his crime which you will see demonstrated in this video.

Officer Flores attorney Jim Darnel stated this lie to the Grand Jury that was being asked to indite officer Flores on murder charges “They were exhausted,” Darnell said.

At that point, Darnell said, Saenz began resisting. He sat on the ground and tried to maneuver get his hands, which were still handcuffed, to the front of his body.

“The civilian had a hold of this guy and the guy launched himself backwards, and the civilian went flying and his arms went out to the side,” Darnell said. “By that point Officer Flores had drawn his gun.”

Flores’ intent, Darnell said, was to show force and command Saenz to stop resisting. Flores’ gun was accidentally struck by the civilian and the gun went off, Darnell said.

“The civilian has reported Officer Flores said ‘Oh my God it was an accident,’” Darnell said.

In all our years of hearing the absolutely tallest tales told by police about what occurred when they try to justify killing another man in cold blood, this excuse truly is the top police lie ever.