Edgar Cayce’s Prediction Unfolding? Enormous 130km Crack Spreading Across Antarctica

Scientist and climate change expert Edgar Cayce has predicted the occurrence of a giant crack that has formed in the real world in Antarctica.


He predicted:

“The earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. There will appear open waters in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be seen new lands of the Caribbean Sea. South America will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end; and in the Antarctic off Tierra del Fuego will be land, and a strait with rushing waters.” “When there is first the breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea and those as apparent as the sinking or rising of that which is almost opposite it, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna area, then we may know it has begun.” 

The crack, which is shown above, is located in the Larsen C section of the ice continent which is around the size of Scotland. The crack itself, in imperial units, is around 70 miles long and a massive 300 feet across. If the crack can grow until it reaches the other side of Larsen C it would be nearly 2400 miles in length.
Thankfully, scientists say that the ice shelf breaking up should not be enough in itself to raise sea levels in any significant way. However if Larsen C was to break up largely, this could trigger a flow of ice into the ocean that would raise sea levels by.8 to 2 meters globally, this would be devastating for low lying countries.
The video below gives a list of the nations that would be most effected by a rise in sea levels of this magnitude; many are island nations that would be unable to recover once the ocean had risen.