Eat A Pickle If You Feel Anxious – Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety Without Medications


Do you have low self-esteem? Do you declare yourself as introverted? In the same time you would like to be able to socialize like most of the people around you but you are frozen in fear of the prospect of being judged or the possibility of embarrassing yourself.

What if I tell you that it is likely you suffer from a condition called social anxiety and it is completely natural? The butterflies in your gut are a consequence of the mix of your biology and stress levels.

A breakthrough in research has located the possible solution that can help you get the potential for the social interaction that you wish for.

You have been so near to the solution but you didn’t know of it. Researchers have discovered a (weird) connection between pickled foods and decreased social anxiety.

So..the answer is fermented foods, or to be more correct it is the probiotics in fermented foods and drinks like yogurt, pickles, soy milk, dark chocolate etc. Foods that contain good bacteria have shown huge results in several testing groups of groups of over 700 young adults.

In the research several major factors, such as, feeding habits, amount of exercise, and preexisting levels of social anxiety are taken into consideration and what the conclusion amounts to is that probiotics have shown a tendency to modify the body response to stress.

What follows is a quote of one of the researchers giving some insight into the interactions observed: ”Probiotics also reduce inflammation of the gut, because anxiety is often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms, reducing gut inflammation helps alleviate those symptoms.”

So the next time you have the case of the butterflies the solution is probably closer than you think.