Drug Dealing Cop Sold Steroids To SWAT, While Pimping Out His Wife

“What we’re dealing with is police corruption, I’m on a witch hunt to root out that kind of behavior.”

In a surprisingly rare turn of events an internal investigation actually discovered wrong doing. But the real question is, will it result in anything of substance?

At Washington state’s King County Sheriff’s Offices a 19 year veteran was accused of prostituting his wife, theft, and dealing drugs.

Records show Darrion Keith Holiwell, 49, was booked into King County Jail on Thursday morning on charges of promoting prostitution, theft and a drug violation after he became the subject of the investigation while on paid leave.

During a press conference Sheriff John Urquhart discussed the departments embarrassing discovery.

Despite Holiwell and his wife going through a bitter divorce, Urquhart confirmed that Holiwell had been pimping his wife out on Backpage.com.

Staying true to his ‘pimphood’ Holiwell kept 80 percent of his ex-wife’s earnings, for ‘protection’ of course.

Holiwell served as her protector when she worked as an escort. She even took pictures of her client’s driver’s licenses and would send them to Holiwell.

The investigation revealed that the massive, tattoed Holiwell, not only took steroids, but was dealing them to other SWAT deputies on the force, as well as people outside the agency.

Urquhart says he’s not going to try and prove any of the SWAT team allegations because they need the 20-member team to remain intact for now.

Apparently there are so many other folks to bust for drugs, that they cannot possibly bust themselves yet.

According to the NY Daily News, the investigators also unearthed a slush fund managed by Holiwell to sell between $45,000-50,000 in ammunition brass to local gun shops. They say he stole the brass from the agency’s firing range and used the profits to trick out weapons for the SWAT team.

The gun-obsessed deputy, who’s a nationally competing match shooter, allegedly brought customers of his side business, Praetor Defense, to the sheriff’s range to practice using county equipment.

“What we’re dealing with is police corruption,” Urquhart said at the press conference. “I’m on a witch hunt to root out that kind of behavior.”

This “witch hunt” however, somehow failed to prosecute the SWAT members who bought drugs. It also failed to charge Holiwell for the theft of the brass, as Urquhart says he “has no desire to stack charges.”

Cop justice at its finest.